How and Why I Did a Whole Body Detox Cleanse, Should You?

How and Why I Did a Whole Body Detox Cleanse, Should You?

Recently I decided to do a whole body detox cleanse for health reasons. More accurately, it’s turning into a whole new level of caring for my health, long term.

I’m going to blog this in a series, as it is fairly intensive.

Disclaimer – I’m not a medical professional, nor pretend to be one on TV. What I’m outlining here is simply my journey, based upon my own research. For your own health concerns, please consult your medical practitioner, etc, etc.

A little history about me.   I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos that affects my thyroid.  This affects just about everything else in the body. I’ve had it over twenty years now, and as I’m getting older, it creates even greater health challenges.   I did a whole body detox cleanse in order to clear out various toxins. This would allow more energy to be funneled into rebuilding and restoring.

I’ve had extensive exposure to various chemicals over my life time, much more so than the average person. I take my health seriously now, I have to in order to be functional. I decided now was the time to do a whole body detox.

We take our cars in for regular maintenance, how much more so, should we give our bodies a ‘tune up’?   When everything is working correctly, our bodies are designed to heal. I wanted to off load as much ‘junk’ as possible, to give my body the best chance at healing various health issues. Especially as you age, there are just more.

The detox I went on included nutrition, some supplements and essential oils mainly. I’ll outline what I did, and what the effects were that I could discern.

What are the benefits of doing a whole body detox cleanse?

Whole Body Detox

  • Flush the body of toxins from many sources
  • Gets rid of excess waste
  • Gain more energy
  • Helps weight loss efforts
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • To flush chemicals from our body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improves skin, hair and breath
  • Helps clear ‘brain fog’
  • Enables one to break unhealthy habits
  • Creates an overall sense of health<

Detox and Cleanse the Intestines and Gut First

The first series of organs on the whole body detox I went to cleanse was the whole gut / intestine / colon region. I’m not going to go into great detail here, for everyone’s’ sake.

This area of the body should be detoxed first. You want all backup out.  As you start to detox other organs, you want the toxins that are removed, gone as quickly as possible. You don’t want to simply re-absorb the toxins you are trying to get rid of.

The whole gut areas is also where the majority of the immune system resides and functions.

There are different philosophies out there on how to do this. I’ll outline what I did.

This might be a difficult pill to swallow, but I fasted 2 weeks. Not a ‘technical’ fast, in that I did juice a few vegetables daily. I used a Vita Mix, basically a heavy duty blender to make my juice, as I wanted to retain the fiber. Whole Body Detox

Three times daily, I drank a blend of organic beets, apples, lemon juice, celery and cucumbers. I drank some detox tea to support this and lots of fresh water.   I also added 2 T. of apple cider vinegar and the juice of half a lemon to a half gallon of water, and drank through the day.

Whole Body Detox

Portable Structured Water Unit I Love!

On the water front, here is a wonderful interview about structured water by Dr. Gerald Pollack, that is worth the time to listen to. I have a portable structured water unit (click on the image for more details). I opted for the portable unit as I can use it both at home and at work. I absolutely love mine and have used it for well over a year now.   I literally carry it with me everywhere in my purse. Whole Body Detox

During this phase of the whole body detox cleanse, it’s important to reduce stress and to get plenty of rest.   I’m not going to lie, the first three days were rough. However, it got better and much easier. By day 6 and 7, I actually was feeling great.

I noticed around days 6 and 7 also, that my skin began to feel super soft. I wasn’t using lotions, creams or anything at this point.   It was just super clear and soft.   I actually had people comment on how great it looked.

I took an aloe vera supplement and a very good probiotic. I also took this product Oxy-powder Whole Body DetoxWhole Body Detox-for cleansing the intestines. It does so by way of oxygen.  Let’s just say it was very effective.Whole Body Detox

Lastly, I rubbed the essential oils of Whole Body Detoxpeppermint and tea tree oil with a small amount of almond oil to my lower abdomen area a couple times daily. Both help with detoxing.

What happened as I started to detox intestines?

At first I felt tired, headachy and grumpy. And hungry.  I hate beets so that was difficult too.   I slept as much as I could. Took some long baths in Epsom salts (that also helps to draw toxins out through the skin) and drank lots of water.

I was in the bathroom quite a bit the first week especially. Let’s leave it at that.

By the second week I was feeling really good.  There was an element that felt too intense for me however.  Because of that, I stopped the apple cider vinegar/lemon juice water, and I added organic bone broth.  It felt like my gut needed a more soothing quality.  I drank the bone broth a couple of times a day, in addition to the veggies I was juicing too.

I experienced rapid weight loss. I’ve done extended fasts in my past, and I mean complete, water only fasts. I have thyroid disease and am post-menopausal, both making weight loss difficult. Even with those 2 factors, I lost more weight during these two weeks than in my entire lifetime. I didn’t do the whole body detox cleanse for this reason, but it was a welcomed side effect. Personally, I believe it was because toxins were flushing out. Fat cells tend to hold toxins.

I’ve also eliminated the majority of chlorine and other harmful chemicals from my water while bathing and showering. They enter through both the skin and inhalation. It’s really not a difficult or expensive thing to do. You can read my post Reasons Your Family Needs To Filter Water For Showers.

I also shut my eyes and threw out all my makeup, creams, shampoos, soaps, etc. and replaced them with more natural alternatives. Soon I will post a review on the products I replaced these with.

Whole Body Detox

Ceramic non-stick cookware

I also got rid of any cookware that had teflon, as I didn’t want those toxins coming into my foods.  I replaced them with cookware coated with ceramic instead.Whole Body Detox

I you decide to do a detox, don’t let the 2 week fast scare you off. Even simply eating clean organic food could replace that portion.   Any steps you make to reduce toxins and chemicals from your body is helpful.

The next phase of my whole body detox was the
Whole Body Detox Cleanse Phase 2 Lymphatic System.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Here’s a book I really liked

Whole Body Detox

Whole Body Detox

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