What Happened When I Did a Home Chemical Peel on My Skin

What Happened When I Did a Home Chemical Peel on My SkinWhat Happened When I Did a Home Chemical Peel on My Skin

I wanted to share what happened with you all, when I used home chemical peel on my skin.  I had been wanting to try one, but I was very nervous about it.

A little about me, I’m a former cosmetologist by trade, I just turned 50.  I was beginning to have brown age spots appear on my face due to age, and past sun damage. I also have a skin condition known as rosacea, which was my biggest concern to doing a home chemical peel.

My main goal for doing this home chemical peel was to eliminate or reduce the age spots. I knew I didn’t have the budget to have a professional treatment done, so I decided to do it.

The products I used were lactic acid skin peel 85%, and Cellbone Neutralizer a skin PH balancer. I had also ordered a fan shaped cosmetic brush to apply the chemical peel solution. After I assembled all my materials, I opted to apply with sterile gauze pads instead. I didn’t feel comfortable applying with a brush, in case solution dripped into my eyes.  I felt I had more control with a gauze pad.

My First Home Chemical Peel Treatment

The chemical peel comes with specific directions that should be followed carefully. My first treatment I did with the minimal time recommended.

They recommend washing your face first, then using a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol to wipe any remaining soap and oils from your face. That part I was very apprehensive about because my skin is super dry anyways.  I couldn’t imagine applying rubbing alcohol to my face!

I decided to stick to all the recommendations the first time around.   I was expecting the home chemical peel to dry my skin anyways. Although I was hoping for the best, I think deep down I was dreading a mini-disaster.  I had heard only bad things about home chemical peels (what was I thinking?).

I  lightly applied the chemical peel solution with a gauze pad per the recommendation. I nervously waited the minimum amount of time. It did burn slightly, I used a magazine to fan my face. It wasn’t extremely uncomfortable.

I rinsed my face thoroughly with cool water. Then I applied with a cotton ball the Cellbone Neutralizer PH balancer.  I let that remain on my skin about 5 minutes, and then rinsed my face with cool water again. I applied some pure Emu oil to moisturize my skin.

Then I waited. Over the course of the first few days, I was surprised at what I did not see. I did not experience a major rosacea flare. I did not experience tight, dry skin. No chemical burns or abnormal reddening (for me).   I did not experience major peeling skin.

The directions did say that most have ‘microscopic’ peeling; thankfully it wasn’t something that was obviously noticeable. At this point, I also didn’t notice any difference in the age spots or wrinkles either.

Second Application of the Home Chemical Peel

A week later I did a second application, same as the first. This time I was feeling better about the process and decided to let the solution stay on the mid-range time recommendation.

Again, within a few days I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of negative reactions. This time the age spots were fading somewhat, and the wrinkles were lessening. What really surprised me however, was how incredibly smooth and soft my skin felt. I could have applied every sort of moisturizer possible without my skin ever feeling this soft.

Third and Fourth Applications of Home Chemical Peel

These were done one week apart. This time I decided to leave the solution on the maximum amount of time recommended. This particular product is recommended to use one month on (applied once a week), and one month off, until you are happy with results. It’s also important to be using a good sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it out of the sun as much as possible, while doing the treatments.

Here were my final results:

  • At no point did a get a negative rosacea flare.
  • I had no chemical burns or excessive redness.
  • My skin did feel better, very soft, than it had in years.
  • My age spots, although not completely gone, did fade significantly.
  • Wrinkles lessened with the smallest ones disappearing.

For me, this was a great success and something I’ll do again.  If you decide to try it, use great caution and follow the manufacturer’s directions explicitly.

Some people opt for microdermabrasion machine treatments in their skin care regimes, and is something to consider as well.

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Thanks for letting me share my home chemical peel experience.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

This was the product I used

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