Travel Saving Advice

Travel Saving Advice

Here’s a few tips to give some travel saving advice.  By being able to save money on your travel expenses, it may allow you to stay on your travel excursions for longer periods of time.

Most people find traveling a joy, and more people would travel if only they could find cost savings methods that would allow them to travel more frequently. We’ll explore some ways that can help people reduce their costs to travel and share some resources available.

The first thing someone needs to know is their destination. That may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it isn’t that clear cut. If the trip is to visit family or business, the destination is set. Other times however, people travel for the sake of a vacation, which really could be taken most anywhere if someone is flexible in their plans.

Home Swaps or House Sits for Travel Accommodations

One method is to research a home exchange, where you find someone in a similar situation, at a location you would like to visit, and you arrange to stay in each others’ homes so neither party incurs hotel charges.

The other is similar except instead of swapping homes, you do a house sit. The requirements are different for each situation, but you can find house sits in nearly every destination imaginable.

You can also check craigslist and other local newspapers of the region you wish to visit to see if you could find suitable housesits in the regions you would like to visit. Housesits vary in duration and expectations, the greatest factor is looking ahead and being flexible with your dates of travel.

By not incurring hotel costs, it can allow a person to stay in a location longer and maybe get off the “tourist trap” routes, to be able to explore the lifestyle, local attractions and culture in that area more thoroughly.

Trip Logistics – Getting There

Of course, there’s the major expense in how to get to your destination. Many people choose to fly, but don’t rule out buses, trains and car trips, if those are options. Sometimes they have great rates and by the time you factor in arriving at the airport early, flight delays, layovers, baggage fees, you really looking at a lot more time en route than one might think. At times, trains, bus or cars, may be quicker, or comparable in regards to time.

Usually if people book hotels and car rentals they do so quite awhile in advance. A couple of days before you go, call again for pricing quotes. Sometimes prices will have been reduced, and you can try to negotiate for that lower rate.

Shop around for pricing coupons and deals online. Check into your credit card company to see what, if any, travel benefits and the plans they offer. Sometimes budget travel guides will help you find unique savings, to your specific location.

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Lighthouse at Cape Disappoinment, Washington - Travel Saving Advice

When planning, know where your bottom line is, in regards to what is acceptable and not for accommodations, itinerary, etc. It doesn’t matter what a great deal you received on something, if it’s unacceptable to you, and you’re miserable. The point of a vacation is to be able to relax and have fun, so don’t lose that perspective in your quest to find travel savings.

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Travel Saving Advice

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