7 Top Rated Toys & Games for Kids

7 Top Rated Toys & Games for Kids

Toys are considered to be some of the best things, that can be provided to children. In the modern era, there are lots of innovative top rated toys & games available for kids on the market.

However, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best or most appropriate toys, plus finding toys that will actually be used. Toys play a significant role in a helping to develop a child’s cognitive skills, their creativity, ability to gain critical thinking skills, especially at vital developmental stages. In a very real sense, toys are tools for growth. Toys also are just plain old fun too, especially when played together with loved ones. Below is a list of 7 top rated toys for children.  Hopefully it’ll give you some ideas when you need a gift for a child.

1.   Jax Jumbo Sequence Tube Game           Top Rated Toys & Games

The game pulls great attraction for both children and adults alike. It’s a bit sophisticated for children under seven years of age. So, you can buy it for children above the recommended age limit. The primary objective of this game is to make a sequence, which essentially means to get rows of five poker like chips on a playing mat. It comes with a vinyl card that shows different rows of face up playing cards. It uses cognitive and analytical skills of the player, which helps to increase critical thinking skills.  I love giving and using games with the children in my family. Games help create bonding as we play and share quality times together. Great memories can be had here.

Jax_jumbo_tube_game - Top Rated Toys & Games





2. Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush                            Top Rated Toys & Games

This stunning toy can probably become the biggest toy at your home. It’s about five feet tall and helps to transform your home into a little savanna. It brings smiles on children’s faces as they love to play with it. It’s perfectly suitable for children of all ages. The manufacturing of this toy is quite sturdy, so children can give it as many hugs as they want. The aesthetics of the giraffe are colorful using realistic and soft fur on the outside. It adds incredible value to your child’s bedroom, while it stands out from rest of the toys. So many kids I know are really into giraffes, and this one makes an impact!

Melissa&Doug_giraffe_toy - Top Rated Toys & Games







3.   Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster                  Top Rated Toys & Games

This roller coaster model is designed for preschool kids, who will enjoy its ride as you do. It may even bring back early memories of roller coasters! The build of this coaster is quite sturdy with high quality materials used in its manufacturing. You can quickly assemble it to give a quick fun ride for your kids.  This little riding toy is different from so many riding toys, and what toddler doesn’t like a riding toy? Plan on hours of play with this one.

step2_up&down_roller_coaster_toy - Top Rated Toys & Games





4. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100                           Top Rated Toys & Games

This won Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s product award. It is different from other toys in the context of its learning aspects. It allows children to use science and creative skills to create things in an innovative way. The toy comes with easy to follow instructions and a building kit to assist children in completion of small science projects.  What I love about it is that it is a way to make science fun, and anything that is educational and fun at the same time is always a winner in my book. I believe strongly that learning should be fun, it keeps children engaged, and helps foster of love of learning in general.

Snap_circuits_jr_sc_100_physics_toy - Top Rated Toys & Games






5.  Ticket to Ride                   Top Rated Toys & Games

It’s one of the best board games for children right now. The components of this game are well-knitted and look beautiful. There are lots of pieces used in it, so it’s not suitable for children less than five years due to choking hazards.  Its a fun-filled game with a plot to ride by train as many North American cities as possible, and a competition to gain the most tickets to be able to do so. Not only is it a fun board game, its educational as well for North American geography.

Ticket_to_Ride_game - Top Rated Toys & Games







6. Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks               Top Rated Toys & Games

These blocks allow children to use their imagination to construct towers and builds towns and cities. It comes with 60 pieces of standard unit blocks, which are easy to grasp in their little fingers.  A classic toy in a bigger dimension. Kids have always loved building their own masterpieces with blocks. This helps foster creativity and problem solving while having fun at the same time.

Melissa&Doug_60_piece_standard_unit_block_toys - Top Rated Toys & Games





7.  Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart                 Top Rated Toys & Games

Children usually love this shopping cart and play with it for many hours. It’s constructed using metal and looks like original ones used in stores. It could be one of the best toys, you’ve ever purchased for your child.  Great for imaginative play, grocery shopping. This could also be a great component to a homeschool project incorporating math, budgeting, food prep, or simply playing store. Lots of options. You could even take it grocery shopping with you to help entertain little ones while you shop, they could ‘help’.

toy_shopping_cart - Top Rated Toys & Games







Hope these 7 top rated toys & games gave you some ideas for your gift giving needs.

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Until next time,

Valerie Garner

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Top Rated Toys & Games

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