Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor without a Complete Overhaul

Refresh Bedroom Your DecorTips to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor without a Complete Overhaul

Here you’ll find some tips to refresh your bedroom decor. Sometimes its nice to have a few things to refresh the look and feel of our bedrooms, without doing a major remodel, or breaking the bank.

Refresh Bedroom Your DecorRefresh Bedroom Your DecorLet’s start with the bed, as its a major piece of furniture in the room, and its important for good quality sleep.  Get some luxurious new sheets, by getting at least 300 count, they hold up very well, and are very soft to the touch.  Too often we use the ones we’ve got until they are thread bare or otherwise in poor condition.  Great quality sheets will be right next to our skin and impacts the feel upon on bodies.  This is also a good time to get a different comforter, duvet cover, quilt, or whatever you use on top of your bed.  You can either stick with the same color palette that’s in your bedroom,, or switch it up slightly for a different look.Luxury 4 Poster Bed - Refresh Bedroom Your Decor

This next tip is something that is totally in the ‘feel’ category, I just did it this week and can’t say enough about it!  Although I have a good quality mattress, as I’ve gotten older, and I’m a side sleeper, I’m finding my bed is simply too firm, leaving my shoulders and hips sore.  I always thought a firm bed was the way to go, but I’m finding just the opposite is true for me.  So instead of getting a new mattress (just not practical, unless you need one), I bought this mattress topper.  Wow, talk about luxury! Refresh Bedroom Your DecorRefresh Bedroom Your Decor I felt like I was sleeping on a big marshmallow, although it didn’t swallow me up.  My body was completely supported.  I am finding since I got it that I am needing less sleep, I’m assuming because my sleep quality is better..  I must have been tossing and turning much more than I had realized.  You might want to try this, or if its time to replace your mattress, try this for awhile to delay that purchase to see if it helps.

Make sure you have nice, comfortable pillows.  Periodically we need to toss the old ones out and replace them.  A good time to do this is when your refresh your bedroom decor.  You’ll feel like you’ve just got a brand new bed!

Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor without a Complete Overhaul - Refresh Bedroom Your Decor

If you use lamps in your bedroom decor, consider either switching them out for other lamps in other parts of the house, or buy one or two new ones, again either in your same color theme, or perhaps you’ve just wanted to add one new color to your theme.

Adding scent to a bedroom is also a beautiful sensory touch.  You could add fresh flowers, scented candles, diffusers with essential oils are not only nice, but they have health benefits too.

Get rid of all clutter.  Use under bed storage bins to utilize that space. Refresh Bedroom Your DecorRefresh Bedroom Your Decor
Get the room deep cleaned.  Wash the windows, curtains, perhaps have rugs shampooed, or if you have throw rugs, get them dry cleaned.   If you have hardwood floors, have them steam cleaned. Simply by doing some deep cleaning and organizing, it will help with the whole atmosphere of your room.

While on the subject of deep cleaning the room, consider investing in an air filter.  Since so much time is spent in a bedroom, they help keep the air clean from dust, dander, airborne allergens, and some have bacterial / virus killing properties.  This is especially important in homes that have pets.  If you suffer from allergies, you might find it helps reduce allergies symptoms.

A Violin In Repose Art Watercolor - Refresh Bedroom Your Decor

Find one new item you love, added to the room.  Perhaps a collectible or maybe a piece of art. Other ideas are a new frame for an old picture, a cute basket or vase, something that that you truly enjoy.

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By doing these tips, it will completely change the look and feel of your room, by a simple refresh your bedroom decor upgrade.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

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Refresh Bedroom Your Decor

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