Throw a Memorable Birthday Party for a Young Girl

 Throw a Memorable Birthday Party for a Young Girl

To throw a memorable birthday party for your 3-8 year old young girl doesn’t have to break the bank.  We can also run out of ideas year after year.  Too many times we get caught up in all the trimmings.  Items that seem so important at the moment, over time, many will not even be remembered.

Some of the most memorable moments in life happen in the everyday, ordinary times. Sometimes they seem spontaneous, in the moment, yet those are the times we so often treasure and look back upon with nostalgia.

The key for a memorable birthday party for 3-8 year old girls is to set the stage, yet not over-plan it. Give plenty of space for their friendships and imaginations to take over, and let them own it. Let them take the lead, and express their own creativity.

Birthday Party Idea 1

Vintage dress up – collect from friends, neighbors, grandparents or shop thrift stores Cute Young Girl Wearing Vintage Hat with Veil - Birthday Partyfor vintage hats, dresses, gloves, shoes, costume jewelry, feather boas and anything else you can think or find, and as much as you can find. If you choose, you can add play makeup into the mix too, but that’s optional. Also provide a big mirror where they can preen all they want.

Put the girls and all the items in together. Mixed ages of girls work well too as many times the older ones will help the younger ones, encourage them to do so.

If parents are at the party, consider letting the girls do a vintage fashion show for the them, parading in front of the parents their completed outfits to hear their folks gasp with their ‘oohs and aahs’ and taking photos (take lots of photos of all the girls).

However, let the girls first have time together just enjoying the process of dressing up and playing, let the fashion show be the finale.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party Idea 2

Similar to the one above, yet set as a puppet show. Build some sort of make shift stage, which could be as simply as a portable table with a sheet covering the sides. The kids could be underneath the table holding hands above for the puppets.

Socks can be used as puppets. Washable markers could be drawn upon hands and fists for other puppets. Stuff animals and other toys could be in the show. Let the children use their imagination. A performance for the parents can be put on.

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What are some of your favorite ideas for hosting birthday parties for little girls?

Take lots of photographs of the time together, and make a scrapbook with your child celebrating this memorable birthday party.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Birthday PartyBirthday Party

Birthday Party

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