Shine and Polish the Dirtiest Room in the Home Fast

Shine and Polish the Dirtiest Room in the Home Fast

A germ filled bathroom, the dirtiest room it seems. Toothpaste on the counter and sink, a scary toilet, towels and other dirty clothing on the floor, clutter everywhere.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  With a little planning, it can be a simple room to keep clean and tidy.

Ready to tackle it?  Put a bit of toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and close the lid.  We’ll re-visit this in a few minutes.

Tackle the clothes and towels next.  If they are dirty, put them into a laundry hamper.  If not, hang them up.  If you don’t have a place to hang the towels, install a place the next time you have a few minutes.  Put out clean towels.  Not only will guests and family appreciate that, you are reducing the spread of germs.

Dive into the clutter that may be on the counter.  Put everything away in it’s place.  If you find it doesn’t really have a place, time to designate a home for said object.  You might need to get an organizer or basket to place items in, and tuck in a drawer or under the sink to get it out of sight.  The less stuff on your counter, the more stream-lined and clean your bathroom will look.

Give your mirrors, facet, and counter  a quick wipe up.

Hitting this room quickly, keep 2 main goals in mind.  First is that everything is neatly presented, and that items displayed are clean.

The tub and shower are next.  Again, de-clutter.  Throw out any empty bottles hanging around and everything that’s not used on a near-daily basis.  If you have time, give it a quick clean or wipe down.  If not, consider a quick rinse, then close the shower curtain, for when there is time for a proper cleaning.

Wipe down the outside of the toilet, then scrub the inside quickly with a toilet brush. Flush and it’s done.

Lastly, the floor.  Do a quick wipe up with a clean damp cloth (don’t use the same cloth that was used to wipe the toilet).   Most bathrooms are fairly small and this can be done relatively easily and quickly.  If you have a large bathroom, just wipe down the areas that need it most.

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Just by doing these quick steps will help your bathroom, often times the dirtiest room in the home, to stay presentable in between the major cleaning days.  It’s amazing how much it helps with feeling caught up, and looking nice.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Here’s a good idea for sanitizing with steam bathroom areas.

Dirtiest RoomDirtiest Room


Dirtiest Room

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