Reduce Bedroom Clutter in 15 Minutes

Reduce Bedroom Clutter in 15 Minutes

Today we’ll be looking at ways to reduce bedroom clutter in 15 minutes. There’s just something special about a neat bedroom area, even though most people are only in their bedrooms a few hours a day.  The peaceful sense of going to bed in a clutter free, clean bedroom area and the effect it has on our rest. It helps us unwind and letdown, and is just in fact, comforting.

It’s a room that tends to get neglected howeve.  Most of the decluttering that needs to happen, such as putting away clothing and making the bed, are done in the morning.  As we all know, mornings can be the time we are really crunched for time.  Reduce Bedroom Clutter

Another alternative to doing this in the morning is to give it a quick decluttering treatment, only 15 minutes or less after you get home from work, get the kids off to school, or running errands. Many people can find a couple of minutes to squeeze it in somewhere in the day, even if it isn’t first thing in the morning.

In your quick declutter time, make the bed first, and fluff up the pillows. This one task instantly transforms the look of a room and makes it look neater.

Get a More Peaceful Space

On the task list next is clothing. Are they thrown everywhere? Put the dirty ones in the hamper and shut the lid, (of course unless you are ready to do a load of laundry now). Do you have piles of clean clothes? Fold and/or hang them up and put them away. For me, I don’t enjoy this process, so I want to make it as easy as possible.  I try my best not to make a mess in the first place. It’s just as easy to toss dirty clothes in a hamper as it is to drop them on the floor. Clean laundry is put away immediately after coming out of the dryer, otherwise it gets wrinkled beyond hope and many times simply gets recycled into the dirty hamper when it is clean. If you work at not making a mess in the first place on this task, daily decluttering will be a quick breeze.

Do you have clothing that needs a little attention, yet are clean? Perhaps, missing a button or it needs to be hemmed? Designate an area in the closet or a drawer for these, until you get that completed. If you have clothing that needs to be dry cleaned, set aside an area for those dirty garments, so they can be taken in, or picked up by a laundry service at one time.

With these two biggest tasks are handled, straighten up or put away miscellaneous things. Try this daily rule of thumb; if it’s not used daily, it needs to be put away in its designated place.

Don’t get distracted when putting things away. For instance, when you go to put an object away,  if you see the drawer is messy, you may be tempted to clean that drawer. Restrain yourself. Save it for another day, when re-organizing that drawer is the focus. Just place the object inside and move on to the next, remember this is a quick time to reduce bedroom clutter, not deep clean.

Sometimes that’s why we procrastinate tidying up in the first place.  There can be a tendency to get distracted and bogged down, and not completing what we were after in the first place.  It’s ok to just tidy, and not clean.  In fact it is a powerful habit that will transform your home overall.

For items that do need to be kept out and used daily, keep them organized, neat and clean. Perhaps a basket or a container needs to be used, so items are contained and visually appealing. Books and magazines look better in a basket or stacked neatly, rather than strewn around a chair, floor or nightstand.

If you have time and it needs it, give the mirror a quick wipe. Same goes for night stands, dressers or other furniture in the bedroom to keep them dust free.  Doing so, also reduces allergens in your sleeping area.

You might need to schedule a time to do a more intensive organizing effort. If so, schedule it when you can, but remember; you don’t have to tackle the entire room in one setting. Perhaps tackle just the closet, or a couple of sections within the closet. It might be a dresser, the top of a dresser, or a couple of drawers to be organized. Break it down so its manageable for you. Even getting one drawer streamlined, will help motivate you to do more.  Do what works for you, but all effort makes a difference.

When you look back, you’ll be shocked at how much doing these things helps the look of your home, and how you feel.

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You might want to spritz a little room freshener in the air. Add a little bouquet of flowers, or some other nice little personal touch to end with. As you do this daily, you might be surprised at how little time this actually takes. You’ll love the reward your effort to reduce bedroom clutter offers you,when its time to turn in for the night.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Reduce Bedroom ClutterReduce Bedroom Clutter

Reduce Bedroom Clutter

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