Quickly Get and Keep the Kitchen Chaos Free

Quickly Get and Keep the Kitchen Chaos Free

So often, the kitchen becomes a catch all for clutter, due to it’s being one of the most used rooms in the home.  Kitchen chaos can make it seem as if the entire house is in the same condition.  It can feel overwhelming.  Is it possible to rid it of clutter and chaos in as little as 15 minutes? Yes, if you have a plan, which is what we’d like to offer you here.

Take an overall look at your kitchen for a quick assessment.  Imagine breaking it up into 3 main sections in which you’ll be spending 5 minutes on each section.  If you need to use a timer, do so.  When you’re ready to start, begin at one end of one section and work your way around the room.  Stay focused on putting away the clutter you are handling at the moment, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by other tasks nearby.

Usually counter space in the first thing to keep in mind.  Chances are it has mail, food items (like spices or cereal), appliances and other items.  Keep a rule that if you don’t use it daily, find a place out of sight for it, and keep it there.

Keep dirty dishes off the counter, its just as easy to put them in the dishwasher as to lay them in the sink or counter.

Paperwork tends to be a problem in the kitchen for many families.  School papers, mail, take out menus, you name it.  The problem with it, is no matter how organized it may be, visually it always looks like clutter.  Take a decorated box and put the paperwork in there, with the lid on.  Just make sure you frequently go through it and handle it as necessary, throwing out that which is no longer needed.  You don’t want the box to get out of hand either.

If there is still too many items laying out, a pantry or other kitchen related cupboards can be a good solution.  For things that don’t belong to the kitchen, but migrated there, have another box or basket to tuck the items away, so they can be put in the proper place in the other locations in the home.  Again, don’t let that build up too long to become it’s own chaos mess.

When everything is put away, give the counters and sink a quick wipe down.   Your appliances may also need a light wipe up for any fingerprints or grime.

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Doing this once a day will go a long way at keeping kitchen chaos at bay.  It also makes it so much more pleasant to be in there, whether you’ll be entertaining friends, or cooking up some delicious food.

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Valerie Garner

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