Make a Teen Bedroom Hip Using Discount Decor and Elbow Grease

 Teen Bedroom DecorMake a Teen Bedroom Hip Using Discount Decor and Elbow Grease

A teenager’s bedroom needs to be a reflection of his or her personality. It is fitting that the majority of the decorating be done by the teen. You should help with the initial discussions and planning stages for teen bedroom decor, but once the decisions have been made, your teen needs to take over.

Of course you don’t want the project to turn into a money pit, so limit setting from the beginning is a necessity. Go over the budget with your teen. Come up with the cheapest ways to get the right look. Your best bet is to use lots of paint and bargain or thrift store items—then let your teen go wild.  You can also many times find great deals online too.

The walls should be a blank canvas where your teen can show their true personality. Paint is cheap and colors are endless, so there will alot of room for expression of their creativity. If you don’t have the means to completely change the walls, then borders, stencils, and stamps are all good ways to add character to a room. If your teen has an artistic flair, maybe they could create a wall mural from scratch of their own art.

Multi-functionateen-bedroom-decor - Teen Bedroom Decorl furniture is another way to save money. Buy stackable wooden crates (which can be painted in creative ways and colors) or cubbies to be used as shelves, storage, or a place for knick-knacks and books. Many times you can find these at thrift or discount stores.  Your teen can repaint or stain them, and decorate the sides with appliqués or stencils.

Shelves are a lifesaver when it comes to making extra room and keeping things off the floors. Purchase cheap metal brackets and pieces of wood from the lumber store.  Let your teen paint or varnish the wood before attaching to the wall.  Shelving is usually prime space in a teen bedroom decor area.

teenage-bedroom - Teen Bedroom Decor

Changing the headboard on the bed can make a dramatic change to a room. The easiest way for your teen to do this is to apply panels of fabric, wallpaper or use stencils that can be placed on the wall directly behind the head of the bed. If you or your teen can sew, you can use the same fabric to sew curtains, pillow or other matching accents. Liquid starch is a good adhesive you can use to adhere fabric to the wall.

If the teen is prone to clutter, getting some items for organizing their closet, will go a long way in helping their rooms stay neater.  If your teenager is allowed to design their teen bedroom decor, they will have a higher motivation for keeping it cleaner and more trendy.

Adding new bedding and or decorative pillows is another way to give the room a total overhaul without breaking the bank.

teen-bedroom-decor-1 - Teen Bedroom Decor

If you have a creative teen you can purchase dollar store items that can be made into cool stuff for the walls. Candles, cool lamps, rocks, incense, hanging lights, baskets, frames, and stencils can all be purchased at the dollar stores.  These can be elements used to  create a room that is ‘safe place’ that your teen will be proud of.

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It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money in order to create hip teen bedroom decor.  It just takes creativity, planning and some elbow grease to make it their own.

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Teen Bedroom DecorTeen Bedroom Decor

Teen Bedroom Decor

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