Make a Family Heirloom Cookbook

Make a Family Heirloom Cookbook

To make a family heirloom cookbook  is a decision that could greatly enrich the food aspect of your loved ones now, and for several generations to come. Preserving your family’s favorite recipes also make wonderful gifts for any holiday, birthday, or special event. You may find friends lining up for a copy of your family’s favorite fare.

There are numerous do it yourself book publishing computer software programs to choose from. You’ll want to do some research concerning the features you’ll want to use. Additionally they possess diverse pricing structures depending on the options you choose.

One resource is called Lulu (free to use) and it gives the option to offer your family’s recipe book on Amazon once it’s printed, if you desire to go that route. That might be a good idea to offer friends who want their own copy of your family’s heirloom cookbook.  If you have a large family and don’t want to personally purchase a copy for each person, this allows every person to buy their own copy.

Organizing Your Family’s Treasured Cookbook

Get out your thinking cap now, use either at a computer or paper and pencil to begin to do some overview organizing of your family heirloom cookbook. How many folks do you want to contribute recipes? Do you want a specific kind of food solely in the cookbook, for instance a pie only cookbook? Do you have specific recipes in mind someone makes that you need to hunt down?

You’ll also need to consider the design type for your family cookbook. Will it be a hard cover book design, or a spiral bound style? Both have pros and cons. The hard cover publications are very classy and professional looking, but can be more difficult to use in the kitchen area.

Spiral bound cookbooks have an ease when used in your kitchen because they lay flat.   Many instances they’re also more cost-effective to generate.

You could put family photographs, other pictures or illustrations to add some pizzazz to your recipe book. These might be current family pictures, as well as vintage photos of ancestors. You can also find on the market photos for recipe books which you can use as chapter breaks or headings at very reasonable prices.

Generate a Memorial Family Heirloom Cookbook

A unique way to recognize the life of a member of the family who has passed, would be to generate a memorial recipe book in remembrance of their life.  Using pictures and treasured recipes that they either prepared, or favorites they enjoyed is also a nice touch. This type of book serves as a combo of a collection of memories, and recipes as a tribute of honor to their life.

The Gathering of Recipes

This is probably the most time consuming portion of the project.  That of gathering the recipes you want to include. If you already have them typed on your computer, that’ll save much time. When the recipes are hanging out inside a recipe file, these will need to be typed out in some sort of word document. Be sure to read the directions of the program you plan to utilize, before doing this step, so you aren’t at risk wasting time doing it incorrectly.

If you don’t want to physically do this step, you could also hire a virtual assistant at for a very reasonable price, to do this task for you.  You could also hire someone you know personally to do this.

This can be a time to get written down these beloved recipes that family members may simply have committed to memory.  Too many treasured family recipes are lost permanently, when that individual person passes on, because it was never recorded. For those cooks who claim there’s no recipe, that they just toss ingredients together, it can take some work getting those recipes from them.  Ask if they could make the dish with you there.  As they are cooking their dish, ask that it be measured before mixing it in.  If they are agreeable, you’ll be able to get a written recipe out of it.  Of course, some simply do not want their ‘secret recipe’ shared.

Think about enlisting the help of other members of the family to assist you in this step of the project.

Follow the directions of the software / publishing parameters you are going with, to reach the completion of your recipe book project.

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Making your own family heirloom cookbook will be a labor of love.  It will take time to make, but a project that can will be treasured and cherished for years to come.

Enjoy the process and the joy it will give to others!

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Family Heirloom CookbookFamily Heirloom Cookbook

Family Heirloom Cookbook

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