Ideas for Planning Fabulous Family Reunions

Ideas for Planning Fabulous Family Reunions

Family reunions can be the most passionate, emotionally charged, and memorable events for family.  Its not ideal to plan at the last minute, or give an impression that the reunion got relegated to the bottom of your priority list.

Sometimes, things slip out of mind, and you may not be able to work on the planned reunion during the year. The good news is that fabulous family reunions are still possible. A little creativity and flexibility will reflect your commitment and care of planning the event for a very long time.

Irrespective of what you do, don’t try to make things too complicated. Keeping things simple can hold the key to a memorable event. If you have to plan a family reunion at the last minute, the following  ideas can go a long way in making it a memorable event:

A Scavenger Hunt: this is one of the most memorable events that can be easily managed to foster the bonds between the family members. In fact, dining together can be very sentimental for a family and scavenger hunts will provide a delightful twist to those priceless moments.  Regardless of your family size, it will bring lots of joy and laughs to every member of the family.Family Reunions

Family Photo Sharing: family reunions are all about creating memories. You can include family photo sharing as an official event at the reunion. Mobile devices can be useful to share common selfies.  Consider having a special photo booth with unique backgrounds, ideal characters, and funny props and a designated photographer will make the event more exciting.  Ask  members to come with their family photos so that they can share memories. A portable scanner and laptop will be very useful in sharing photos.  Be sure to get everyone’s contact information for sharing as well.

Tell stories: even if you don’t make it an official event, the reunion won’t be complete without sharing stories. You can bring more fun by making it manditory for everybody to share stories related to emotional, funny, silly or crazy events about themselves or other family members. These stories will definitely inspire the younger generations and reveal the pleasantly nostalgic activities of older members.

Hold a tournament: organize a game or tournament among the family. The event will provide a chance to cooperate and work together. It will also revive playful rivalries among siblings. The family members, who haven’t seen each other for some time, may resume conversations. Make sure that no one is left alone and there is something for every member, irrespective of his or her age. Some of the exciting game options include bag race, pool-noodle jousting, horseshoes, and bean bag toss.

Make it BYOF: when you are organizing a family reunion at the last moment, it may not be possible to hire a good caterer. If this is the case, you have only two options. Either a few family members are willing to take care of catering, or it’s a potluck where each family member is supposed to bring his or her favorite recipes to share with others. If you are in favor of a potluck, even picnic style, plan family reunions at a park, lakeside, or other natural surroundings, which is free for public use without any rental obligations.

The Commonality Game: this is another interesting game for family members, and the winning prize can make it more interesting. Make a list of certain characteristics or personal traits specifically observed in children who are born in one family or have a specific hair color. The participating family members will be required to check off these characteristics when they find that other family members may also share the same characteristics. The one who checks the maximum number of characteristics within stipulated time frame wins the game and associated prize. Make sure to keep things simple and interesting so that every family member can find at least something in common. For example, eye color, number of appendages, or number of siblings can be interesting characteristics of such a list.

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Head Out to an Amusement Park:  children love amusement park, and it can be quite fun for every member in the family. You can plan to spend a few hours or the whole day at a nearby amusement park. The interesting part is that you enjoy more fun at an affordable price because amusement parks offer discounts when you buy tickets as a group. You don’t have to plan anything except driving to the park, beeches or other desired locations to enjoy your family reunions!

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