How to Properly Care for Your Hardwood Floors

Care For Hardwood FloorsHow to Properly Care for Your Hardwood Floors

The thing that makes us fall in love with hardwood floors is the way they look. A nice well-polished hardwood floor makes your home look elegant and classy.  There are some specific steps to take to care for hardwood floors.  You do want to protect your investment, so they look great long term.

Keeping hardwood floors clean and looking good is not only simple, but an inexpensive if you utilize the right steps. Use tools such as a soft broom, dust mop, vacuums (without the beater bar so you don’t scratch your floor).  Even one of the robot vacuums would be great to use.  Daily sweep or vacuum your hardwood floors to keep them from getting dusty and grimy.  That’s it for daily maintenance.Care For Hardwood Floors

Care For Hardwood Floors

How Do You Deep Clean Hardwood Floors?

There are plenty of ways to deep clean hardwood floors. These techniques are dependent on the installation, as well as the finish of the hardwood floors.

A terry cloth mop with a rotating head will clean into the corners, underneath the cabinets and the b

Care For Hardwood Floors

Robot Vacuum

ase boards will be left looking spectacular.  A gentle cleaner designed for hardwood floors can be used.  Ensure that your mop is just damp, not super wet.  Pre-finished floors have their own type of products that are recommended.  Consult the flooring manufacturer to get the correct cleaning product.

There are also steam cleaners available, specifically designed for hardwood floors.  A great benefit about these are that they actually sanitize your floors as they clean.  I love that!

If ever in doubt to what is ok to use and what isn’t, always check with your manufacturers’  instructions.

How To Resurface Hardwood Floors When Needed

Many hardwood refinishing professionals will recommend a green hardwood floor cleaning process. This type of resurfacing is not only safe for your home, but better for the environment as well.

The products tend to be dust free, cheaper, and safer.  Typically its a faster process that converts your dull hardwood floors, to a spanking brand new look.

The other option is to sand and re-stain / gloss your hardwood floors for a new finish. This is a big job and can become complex.  You may want to hire a professional for this task.

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As you can see, general care for hardwood floors isn’t a difficult process.

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Care For Hardwood Floors

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