How To Make Your Own Book Ends

How To Make Your Own Book Ends

Discovering how to make your own book ends can be a fun and very creative process.  It also provides visual organization to your book case and a touch of customized decor.   Many times this space is overlooked for a way to add a special touch to a room.

When making your own bookends the most important thing to remember is to use fairly heavy items that can be a support to the books. Below you’ll find different options to making your own custom book ends with varied materials.


Brick Wall Bookends

First, a shopping trip (or online); try a hardware/home improvement type store and pick up a few bricks (about 6 or 8) and some concrete mix that can be used to cement them together. Another alternative is if you can find some source for 2 sets of 3 or 4 bricks high already intact. However you choose, assemble bricks 3 to 4 high.

Next you’re going to find small objects that you love that will be decorating your “brick wall”. A great place to look are craft stores; consider getting small ivy, tiny watering cans and garden tools in the miniature section of the store, or anything that appeals to you. A tiny birdhouse on top of your brick wall would be a nice touch too.

Once you’ve assembled your items, take a hot glue gun and start attaching in a way that pleases you. If you use ivy, put that on first and the other items around it. When finished, glue the bottom of the bricks on to felt material, so they won’t scratch your furniture.

Glass Jars Book Ends

You can find cool looking taller glass jars at many types of stores. Fill these glass jars with items you like. Some suggestions might be:
Vintage marbles
Gumballs or other candy
•Fish – yes you could even use them to make small aquariums for tiny fish.

Vinyl Record Albums Book Ends

Get 2 vintage vinyl record albums. Get a large, kind of shallow pan of water and set it to boil. A turkey pan would work great. Use kitchen gloves and slowly put one end of the album in the boiling water and begin to bend it to a 90 degree angle at about halfway from the bottom edge and the label. If the label gets wet, take a smooth object like a spoon or butter knife and gently smooth any bubbles out.

Take it out of the hot water and place on the end of a counter to help get the angle correct. Consider putting a heavy object on the lip of the counter to hold it in place until it fully cools.

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Use your creativity to come up with unique designs as well.  You may discover when you make your own book ends, that they also make special gifts for friends and loved ones as well.

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Valerie Garner

Here’s a book with some great ideas. It doesn’t have to be a business, you could use the ideas here for personal home use or gifts.  Click on image for more info

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Make Your Own Book Ends

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