How to Make Marble Magnet Projects At Home

Marble MagnetsHow to Make Marble Magnet Projects At Home

Making marble magnets can be a fun project for the whole family or an individual. Kids can help and they love making them! These are made with clear glass oval shaped pieces you find in florist or crafts shops.  Small pictures are glued to the bottom. When they are completed, these look amazing.

Many times they are used on the refrigerator to hold notes, kids artwork, or to simply be decorative in and of themselves.


Marble Magnet Materials Needed:

  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ round strong magnets
  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ clear flat glass marbles or cabochons
  • Silicon sealer made by Crazy Glue OR Jewel It glue brands
  • Scissors or appropriate sized hole punch
  • White card stock paper
  • Tiny photos
  • Toothpicks

First assemble the small photos you want to make magnets out of. It could be photos you’ve taken, found in magazines, or graphics to name a few examples. They will need to fit within your glass marbles or cabochons size that you purchased. Other resources to find tiny photos (you can get them inexpensively on every topic imaginable) are as follows:

It’s possible that you may need to resize them even smaller on your computer to get it to fit the dimensions you need.  That’s a simple fix in any photo editor software.  If you are unable to do so, you can also find someone at to resize them to your dimensions for $5.00.

Assembly of Your Photo Marble Magnets

Use the glass marble or cabochon as a guide, place it over your photo.  Center your image as you desire, then gently trace an outline of the glass marble to the photo. Cut out with scissors.  Do your best to get nice, clean lines.

Now take your magnet and trace on some white cardstock around the magnet and cut out.

Using a small amount of either the silicone glue (made by Crazy Glue), or Jewel It, smear with a toothpick on the magnet. Glue the white cardstock to the magnet. This step helps to not have the magnet showing through your finished project and helps to create a clean, finished look.

Now, using the same step above, glue your photo back (facing up towards you), to the white cardstock/magnet piece, doing your best to align the edges.  Allow this to dry and set up an hour or so.

Marble Magnets

Last step, add a dollop of glue (about the size of a small pea or so), onto the center of your photo. Lower the glass marble or cabochon straight down on top of the photo and press in the center, gently. You will see the glue spreading out, creating a nice seamless bubble. Any ripples should disappear on their own as the glue dries.

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These marble magnets are wonderful gifts, and décor items for your refrigerator. Six of them fit nicely in an Altoid tin that can be wrapped or decorated as well, for a complete customized set.  You could even create themed Altoid tins, such as a family vacation, cities, flowers or anything you could think of.

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Marble Magnets

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