How to Hem Your Own Curtains

How To Hem CurtainsHow to Hem Your Own Curtains

Sometimes you may find the need to hem curtains.  Learning how to hem curtains can save you a lot of money.  Perhaps you found a great deal on beautiful curtains that would be perfect, all except the length.  Maybe you are moving your curtains from one home to another and they fit, except the length.

If you get adept at it, and enjoy it, it could also be something you could hire out your services for occasionally, this posting that service on Craigslist.

Not doing this correctly can lead to major frustrations.  I don’t know about you, but a sewing project that is not turning out correctly makes me more angry than just about anything else.  I can throw a genuine two year old hissy fit over a botched sewing job.

Measure the windows or doors you need these curtains installed for, both height and width. Multiply the width by 1.5 or 2 to get the correct width for the curtains. You need that extra room for curtains to have give, to make flowing bunches, and to assure they will fully cover the width of the window, with no gaps.  When you purchase your curtains, be sure the width is wide enough.

Online Sewing Class - How To Hem Curtains

Lay out your curtains flat and cut the hem 4 inches longer than your desired length.  Be sure when you are measuring the length, you are accounting for the portion that may be above the curtain rod.  Its a good idea to measure from the curtain rod, down to the your desired length, then measure your curtain fabric from the curtain rod area that the fabric hangs from, down.

Sometimes it may be helpful to work on one curtain at a time, so you don’t get confused on which panel goes to which window.

Sew either a zigzag or other stitch to prevent fraying of the material on the bottom, raw edge. Fold the cut hem of the bottom of the curtain upwards (towards the wrong side of the fabric), about 1 inch and iron this edge to give a good crease.

Now fold the fabric again upwards (again towards the wrong side of the fabric), 3 inches, then iron this edge to create another strong crease.  Sew this second fold as close to the edge of the material that is was just folded to, using a straight stitch.

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Be sure to use a ruler as you are folding and ironing your creases to ensure that your lines stay straight.  When completed, cut off any stray threads, iron the rest of the curtains, then hang.  As you can see, it is possible to learn how to hem curtains.

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How To Hem CurtainsHow To Hem Curtains

How To Hem Curtains

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