How To Clean Burnt Food From Pots And Pans

 Clean Burnt Food From Pots And PansHow To Clean Burnt Food From Pots And Pans

It happens to everyone.  We’re cooking, and something distracts us or something else happens and we burn the food we were so carefully preparing.  It’s very frustrating to say the least, we lost the food most likely, and now we’re left to clean up a mess that’s difficult at best.  So what is the best way to clean burnt food from pots and pans?

So, how do you clean burnt on foods from pots and pans?  Some of your methods will depend on the type of pan you’re cooking with, and others will be trial and error to see which one works best in your situation.

Here are some general tips to try:

Remove as much of the burnt food from your pots and pans as possible.

1.      Put some water in the pan and add a lot of salt and let soak for an hour, then wash

2.      If its badly burnt, do the above, except bring the pan of salty water to a boil and leave it to soak about 12 hours, boil again, and then wash.

3.      Cover the pan with hot water and add a used fabric softener sheet (I know this one sounds weird).  Let soak awhile, then wash.

4.      Put water in to cover the bottom of the pan, add a couple drops of dishwashing soap and bring to boil.  Wash.

For enamel cookware try this:  cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of powdered detergent.  Place a wet towel over this and let sit a few hours.  Wash, this should get rid of the baked on grease. Clean Burnt Food From Pots And PansClean Burnt Food From Pots And Pans

To clean non stick pots and pans, mix 2 T. baking powder, one and a half cups of bleach and 1 cup of water.  Put this mixture in the stained pot and let boil for 10 minutes.  Wash with soap and water then rub some vegetable oil on the surface.  Don’t let this mixture boil over however as it could stain the outside of the pot or pan.

Cast iron cookware is difficult to clean at times.  Try sprinkling the pan with salt and wiping clean.  Alternate this salt method, with washing with soap and water to help preserve the condition of the pan.  The salt will help prevent food from sticking when frying.  A light coating of vegetable oil will help prevent rust and care for your cast iron pan.

To clean copper pots and pans, use some salt and vinegar and rub lightly, then wash as usual.  Dry and apply some lemon oil or wax for a nice shine.  Ketchup can also be used to clean copper pots. Clean Burnt Food From Pots And PansClean Burnt Food From Pots And Pans

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Try these different methods to help clean burn food from pots and pans to their condition before the burn.  You’ll most likely find one that is your preferred method.

By Valerie Garner

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The Best Sauce Recipes Ever - Clean Burnt Food From Pots And Pans

Clean Burnt Food From Pots And Pans

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