How To Clean Animal Smells in Carpets

How To Clean Animal Smells in Carpets

Animal smells in carpets do not necessarily suggest unfavorable housekeeping practices, because the neatest people battle pet odors in their homes. Pets tend to roll around and lay on the rugs and carpeting, causing their body stench to get deeply worked into carpet fibers. We’re here to offer some practical solutions of how to clean animal smells in carpets for you.

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This odor, combined with the odor of pet mishaps, can make guests scrunch up their noses at the odor, upon entering your home. Something, nobody wants and can leave a negative first impression. Another aspect to this, as one who lives in the home, there’s a tendency to get more adjusted to the smell, than a visitor would, so realize they could be experiencing a much stronger smell than you.

As most pet odor is related to their accidents, one thing to do to manage animal smells would be to deal with these types of accidents as soon as they are discovered.

It’s not enough to simply pick up solid waste, or to swipe urine and vomit stains with a quick wipe. The dirty area has to be cleaned effectively utilizing either white vinegar, which is also a deodorizer, or a mild soap. When the mark disappears, blot the area using a moist rag or paper towel.

How to Cope with Stains Wicking Up

In the case of a urine accident, when the stain wicks, or goes to the lower carpet fibers and pad, it pools at its base. The stain might come back once the fluid rises to the carpet top at a later point.

This wicking problem can be eradicated by putting a thick towel or rag on top of the stain, and weighing it down with a heavy object (make sure this object won’t be ruined if it gets wet). Let it set overnight to soak up all the liquid. You will then have to clean the actual stain yet again, to ensure it’s all lifted out.

Avoid using steam cleaners or even blow dryers to clean or dry pet stains because the warmth can set stains and odors more firmly into the carpeting, making it near impossible to remove.

Sprinkle deodorizing powder on your carpeting weekly to keep the carpet smelling fresh. You may also use baking soda if you do not like fragrant deodorants.

Consult Your Vet for Odor Problem Solutions

Get some powerful pet odor removers from the pet store. Though pricey, they’ll be required at times, whenever domestic deodorants do not eliminate animal odors from your rugs.

Sometimes you may not be able to find the urine stain. In such instances, you can utilize a black light, which will not just expose this spot, but other impurities in your floor coverings. How To Clean Animal Smells In CarpetsHow To Clean Animal Smells In Carpets

Never use ammonia or other acid based products to clean carpets because pets might think this odor is their own urine, and therefore use the carpeting as its designated restroom.

You could seek advice from your veterinarian in eradicating animal smells in floor coverings as they have to work with animals’ odors on a daily time basis, have some points and products they recommend.

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You may also consider getting your floor coverings professionally cleaned a couple times a year for good maintenance and hygiene of your home. Make sure your pet gets baths regularly as well, to help reduce odors.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial in how to clean animal smells in carpets.

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How To Clean Animal Smells In Carpets

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