Amazing Homemade Gifts on a Budget

Amazing Homemade Gifts on a Budget

These days it can be financially difficult for many families to make ends meet. However, you will still find many special events, occasions and life  experiences that find us needing to give gifts to others.  It is possible, and even enjoyable to make homemade gifts on a budget that they will love to receive.

We don’t want to give the concept to our friends and family, that their celebration isn’t important to us, simply because cash is limited. There’s a solution for this situation, by making your own fabulous, inexpensive gifts. Presents that show your love and consideration for your family and others, can mean so much for the receiver.  Some people actually prefer handmade gifts to store bought.

Occasions that Typically Require Gifting

Situations that need meaningful, yet inexpensive gift items might be birthday celebrations, holidays, Christmas, graduations, Valentine’s Day, Hanukah, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, office functions, or Christmas exchanges. Some other frequent activities might be; bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, administrative assistant’s day, boss’s day, Grandparents day, get well gesture, a thank you gift, a make up after having a fight gift, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or making the honor roll.  Anything that is special to someone you love, could be cause to acknowledge and honor that person.

Gifts That Indulge and Pamper

Handmade gifts made with indulgence in mind, will always be a success for the girls. There are wonderful body and bath recipes to try, which can be made easily and inexpensively. These include items like bath salts, body butters, lotions, vitamin E creams and scrubs, shower gel and the like.

These homemade products may be put in a small gift basket, along with other items to make a complete gift basket.  A few ideas are several tea light candles, a candle, book, a package of hot cocoa, and other additional items to spoil and pamper. A thoughtful greeting card can easily pull the full package together for something very meaningful.

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

Gift cards and certificates are fun to make. Your own customized gift certificates or homemade greeting cards can communicate ingenuity and flair. For a truly fabulous, frugal, and yet special gift for someone special, try giving time as a gift. You could offer to baby-sit, or thoroughly clean their windows, offer a massage therapy session, or any other talent you have to offer, for that person to receive at another time. Time itself is a precious asset.

Homemade Gifts On A Budget

Gifts Created in the K itchen

Food and food products are always popular. Jar gifts are pre-made and measured food recipes given in glass jars, along with the recipes. They are fantastic gifts and can be anything from cookie recipes, soups, flavored creamers, spices or herbs, rubs, or hot drinks. The jars should be decorated to add a special touch, see my post Accessorize Your Gifts in a Jar for ideas.

Flavored vinegars, gourmet relish, and jelly or jam, are also inexpensive to make. They can be embellished with a unique pizzazz, and be a decor item in the home. You can also learn how to make your own book ends to both be a function gift item, as well as one that lends itself to your creativity.

Of course there are lots of sweets which make great presents too. A plate of homemade cookies, a hot pie fresh from the your oven, an amazing tasting cake, a loaf of fresh baked bread, a baked pan of lasagna, or another popular meal or casserole your loved one likes will be appreciated.

Think about making a photo album, photo book, or scrap book.  You can use images associated with memories shared with that person. Photo mugs can even be an inexpensive gift that provides a personalized touch.The key factor is to make an effort to think about what the person receiving the gift, truly enjoys.  Get creative with ideas outside  of the box, that communicate, “you make a difference to me, I care about you.”

Homemade gifts on a budget can be more precious than any gift bought, due to the time, thought and care given to the gift.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Homemade Gifts On A BudgetHomemade Gifts On A Budget


Homemade Gifts On A Budget

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