Help Kids Make Hand Painted Mugs as Gifts for Any Occasion

Help Kids Make Hand Painted Mugs as Gifts for Any Occasion

Ask any grandparent, teacher, or close family friend and they’ll tell you that the gifts that mean the most are the ones that come from the heart, and hands, of a child. These one-of-a-kind presents,  will be cherished for years. It can also be a memorable event to help kids make hand painted mugs.

For kids, giving a gift that no one else can, that they made themselves, is enough to make them swell with pride. It’s  a perfect holiday solution;  although their buying power may be limited, their imaginations are not. With a simple idea and a few supplies, any child will experience the thrill that comes from giving.

This is also provides a great lesson about gift giving, being generous, and the holidays are not just about what they receive.  Many rich conversations can occur while you help kids make hand painted mugs.

Savor the time and experience.  The process of creating is just as important as the act of giving a gift.  Put on some beautiful holiday music.  Make some of their favorite snacks to munch on.  Talk about the good things remembered and appreciated, concerning the one the gift will go to.

Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, we’re sure they’ll be inspired by the easy and endearing gifts below.

Helpful tips for painting mugs

· I recommend china paint such as the Porcelain 150 which are specifically designed for metal, glass or ceramic.

· Kits for painting mug which can be bought from craft stores be careful about.  Sometimes the fine print says the mugs can only be used for display only.

When you’re starting to paint, let one color dry first before putting the second color on. For older kids, this could be a fun activity to do even without the help of adults. But if smaller children are going to do this activity, be sure there is adult help available when they need it.

· In making or creating your designs, keep in mind to keep it simple.  Encourage creativity.  Perhaps have some pictures nearby of various designs for inspiration and ideas.

· When you want add words or draw pictures, consider using small stencils.  Have a pouncer or stencil brush on hand.

Let’s get started!

Materials needed

  • Paper in covering the work surface
  • Paint markers and/or china paint
  • Plain mugs (white ones are recommended)
  • Jar containing water
  • Paint brushes
  • Stencil, stencil tape, stencil brushes/foam pouncers
  • Prepare an oven on the side (after 24 hours, depending on the type of paint you use, read manufacturer’s directions).  Pebeo Porcelaine 150 china paints are baked at 150 degrees for 35 minutes.


1. Using paper, cover the work area or surface, and set the mugs on top of the paper. Make sure the mugs are clean and completely dry.

2. Get some basic design ideas in mind for inspiration. Allow the first color dry first before proceeding to the next one. If you make a mistake, do not panic. Wipe it immediately yet carefully with water on a paper towel.

3. If it’s a child who is doing the artwork, be of assistance by doing small sections at a time in order to avoid smudges.

4. When you are happy with what you have painted on the mug, let it dry for 24 hours.  You may need to bake it in an oven, depending on the paint brand used.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions.

6. Remove the mug carefully after baking to allow it to cool.

Let the child wrap their special gift and top with a bow.

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This would be a fun project to do every year around the holidays for a child, highlighting life events that occurred that year.  It would show also a progression of skill and maturity with each passing year.  Most of all, enjoy your time when you help kids make hand painted mugs.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Paint specifically for china, click on image for more info

Help Kids Make Hand Painted Mugs - Help Kids Make Hand Painted Mugs As Gifts For Any Occasion








Help Kids Make Hand Painted Mugs As Gifts For Any Occasion

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