Get Your Chrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean and Shining

Get Your Chrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean & Shining

Chrome bathroom fixtures are strong, yet they take some upkeep to keep them clean & shining.  Learn some tips here to get your chrome bathroom fixtures clean.  It does make a difference in the overall appearance of your bathrooms and kitchen facets

Rust can form on chrome fixtures in little openings that are undetectable to the bare eye. This exposes the material underneath to oxygen. Surface rust may show up from this oxidation process.

Chrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean

Soft cleaning cloths

Blend salt and lemon in equal amounts and apply to clean chrome to remove light rust stains.  Rub the lemon and salt on the fixture, allow it to set a few minutes, rub gently with a soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly.   Use on old toothbrush and scrub on the sides of the water handles, and the side edges that attach to the counter.  There’s a lot of gunk that resides in those areas, rinse thoroughly.   You can also try plain rubbing alcohol on your facets as well.
Chrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean

Different conditions that prevent chrome facets and fixtures from looking its best can be cleanser buildup, dirt, grime, or water stains. Fortunately, most of the time chrome can be kept clean, restored to its best condition, and protected from further harm.

How do I get my chrome bathroom fixtures clean?

Wipe the chrome fixtures with vinegar.  Allow it to set an hour or two.  Go back and polish with a soft, clean cloth.   This is good to do for a deeper clean, once a month or so.

Get into a habit of cleaning and keeping up with chrome surfaces regularly. Use a glass cleaner to rub the chrome facet and a soft cloth frequently.  A quick wipe down will go far in keeping your fixtures looking great, and only takes a second.  Another tip is to wipe them down with a used dryer sheet.  It works very well.  Keep these supplies handy, so all you have to do is grab and swipe quickly. Chrome Bathroom Fixtures CleanChrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean

You can also try a commercial cleanser for removing hard water stains specifically designed for use on chrome.  Lime Away is a good product to try for this purpose.

Do not use anything coarse that could scratch your fixtures like steel wool.

Once you’ve got them cleaned and dry, in order to help them stay nice for longer periods, spray a bit of WD40 on a clean cloth and wipe gently.  It will help repel hard water stains. Chrome Bathroom Fixtures CleanChrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean

If you are battling rust, getting a good rust cleaner may be what is needed.   If the chrome fixtures are beyond looking good with some TLC, consider replacing them.  New fixtures aren’t terribly expensive. Chrome bathroom fixtures clean & shiny really improves the appearance of the whole bathroom and kitchen areas.

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Chrome Bathroom Fixtures Clean

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