Fun and Inexpensive Way To Try Top Designer Fragrances

Fun and Inexpensive Way To Try Top Designer Fragrances

Recently, I’ve found a fun and inexpensive way to try top designer fragrances. Before you plunk down your money for a designer perfume, it’s important to make sure that it’ll be something that works for you long term. Its maddening to smell a great fragrance in a store, buy it, only to discover you hate it later. There is a way to avoid this.

Fashion, beauty and scents always go together. Each play a major role in creating a certain statement, not only for every woman but also for men. Its important to keep perfume as a part of your wardrobe. Fragrances do not simply neutralize unwanted smells, but they can also depict one’s mood and personality.

Some fragrances are believed to help achieve relaxation. These are perfumes containing citronella, lavender and eucalyptus. There are also scents that affect the way we perceive a person.

Musky perfumes can make a man or a woman feel sexy, while romantic ones can make a woman feel prettier.

Perfume scents like ginger and rose are known to stimulate brain neurons, thus, increasing one’s concentration.

Considering all these benefits, many people are falling in love with top designer fragrances. A good way to get these benefits is to try designer perfumes that are of high quality.

Unisex fragrance can be a great choice for women who are athletic. Typically they possess clean and crisp scents of a combination of cucumber, melon and musks. Dolce and Gabbana’s cologne for men is a top selling designer scent. It has a distinct scent that is perfect for men who are out going and adventurous.

The fragrance industry is a booming market. There are Hollywood celebrities that have ventured into the industry of fragrances, creating their own line of scents. Some of them are Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Sharapova and Mariah Carey.

With the high demand for designer perfumes, a number of imitation scents have been also created. These imitations are less costly compared to the originals. Some smell close to the original fragrances, and some do not. Knockoffs however, simply are not of the same caliber of quality that the originals possess.

Scent Box is a subscription service you should check out. They have over 650 kinds of top designer fragrances now available. How it works is this; for $12.95 a month, you choose a 30 day supply of designer scents you want to try. You can even get your first month free! No shipping fees, no contracts, cancel at any time. If you decide you would like to purchase a full sized bottle, you can, but that’s totally optional. No knockoffs or imitations here.

Some of the top designer scents they offer include perfumes from Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Valention, Tom Ford, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Lancome, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, Fendi, Gucci, Estee Lauder, Coach, Christian Dior and many others.

Here are some of the following tips when looking to try top designer fragrances:

1. Sample only one scent at a time on your skin. Smell it at different intervals during the day. Scents change and develop over time. It might even help to write some brief notes about your observations at these different intervals. By trying one scent at a time, you won’t be mixing fragrances. Testing 2 or more at the same time will not give you an accurate ‘read’ on the scent you are evaluating.

2. Don’t buy perfume just because it’s popular, or smells good on your friend. You have to see if it works with your chemistry.

3. Do try various fragrances (of course, one at a time). Some designer fragrances work better in the summer vs. winter, as well as, daytime vs. nighttime. Don’t get married to one fragrance. Giving freedom lends room for allowing scents to reflect different moods.

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By using Scent Box’s service, it’s a fun way and inexpensive way to try top designer fragrances in real life situations.  Especially before investing in a full sized designer scent. Simply putting on a spritz at a store won’t give the same true life test, as wearing over a period of time time will.  This also gives some time for feedback (if you want it), from family and loved ones, on how it smells on you.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

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