Exploring Graphic Design as a Career From Home

Exploring Graphic Design as a Career From Home

Choosing graphic design as a career can be one of the best options a person can have in their life, especially for those with a strong artistic interest. There are many career options, but very few are as lucrative as graphic design can be. It provides wide options for people, and equips them to work anywhere in the world.  In many environments, this also including working from home. Graphic Design As A CareerGraphic Design As A Career

A person could choose to launch their own business in desktop publishing. Self employment gives you the freedom to select your own projects (including getting free-lance work), set your own hours, and work your own schedule. Some choose to have their office within their home, which can provide many excellent tax breaks.

A person could choose to launch their own business, pick up free- lance design work, or sometimes telecommute for a business as a designer.  The point is, there are options in this type of field.

To be able to train as a graphic designer, one needs to meet certain educational requirements. Most of these requirements are the same, but at some point may partially vary, depending on the college and educational system. Some college admissions require  a student have completed at least art and design courses, or that they submit their sketches or other art work for consideration.

Most colleges and universities offer graphic design courses at bachelors’ levels. Students are equipped with skills necessary to enable them to work as entry level technicians, or some even in higher positions within the graphic design industry. The courses take four years to complete, and can be studied at any of the schools approved by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The course work in the curriculum include drawing, book design, typography, computer assisted design, photography, digital media and advanced graphic design.

Common Graphic Design Software Programs

Graphic design involves working with various software to enhance learning and improve the quality of work done by students. The software is important and must be included in the study syllabus to ensure students get the best education and experience for actual work. Some of the software programs include:

Adobe creative suite CS6 and above (otherwise known as Photoshop)
Corel Draw Graphic Suites
Xara designer pro X10
Serif PagePlus

Salary Projects for Graphic Designers  Graphic Design As A Career

Being a graphic designer can come with some excellent salary packages, since the career is in high demand in so many business fields. Most people pay high prices to get their work done by these designers. The salary ranges are projections that could be found in some areas:

Creative directors $200,000
Production manager $80,000
Graphical user and Interface Designer $72,000
Web designer $60,000
Design director $135,000
Most of these job titles and salaries are determined by job title, level of education, parameter of job scope, where you work, and years of experience. The jobs associated with graphic design are many, and in demand in the labor market.

Many graduates in these careers gain direct job placements through their schools, and receive good earnings from them. The jobs may include publishing and entertainment jobs.  These include working with companies that print electronic media, magazines, books and newspapers among others. The main duties of graphic designers in this case include photo manipulation, advertising creation, typesetting and layout work.

Graduates can also work in advertising agencies. They are always provided with brand strategy design on which they work and achieve some required target projects. If one gets a job from a large agency, they can acquire some of the best salaries and work experience.

Design studios are also a good place to put skills to use. They vary in size and their employment opportunities. Their work involves creating logos, brochures and doing packaging among others business design projects. They provide clients with creative and artistic solutions for web and print media.

Corporate marketing departments can also provide fantastic job opportunities for graphic designers. They market items such print work, brochures, training materials, promotional displays, advertising campaigns, create corporate annual reports and increase the corporate branding awareness in general.

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With the above advantages, pursuing graphic design as a career choice can provide you with many options to a earn living in a creative environment.

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Graphic Design As A CareerGraphic Design As A Career

Graphic Design As A Career

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