The Entry Way Room to Your Home – First Impressions and Tips to Improve Functionality

  The Entry Way Room to Your Home – First Impressions and Tips to Improve Functionality

First impressions are just that, there are no second chances for a first impression. That includes guests into our homes. The entry way room to your home, is the area that the original first impression is made, and is should be an area that is inviting, warm and peaceful. If your entry area is the designated clutter-catch area, it’s time for a makeover! This includes the outdoor area of the porch as well.

If you are a pet owner, don’t overlook the fact your sense of smell may be desensitized concerning them. You don’t want a pet stench being one of first things they experience at your home.

Clutter Buster Ideas

Clutter is usually a major problem in entry way areas. This is the time to look at some serious clutter organizing solutions, or possibly building some permanent custom storage solutions, if that is an option for you.  No home can have too much storage.

Perhaps a benched seat with storage under the seat can happen. If you have a closet close by, you need to seriously maximum that space.

Try installing a shoe rack that can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes, so you don’t just have a pile of shoes laying around, yet provide quick access when needed again.

The door organizers that fit inside are necessary as well with pockets from floor to top to hang mittens, scarves, wallets, keys and all the other small items that seem to have no place to go. Inside the closet try to designate a place out of the way for the catch all purse, books and backpacks landing initially, under family members put them where they belong.

Space bags are wonderful space savers, use them to get the off-season clothing out of that closet and perhaps stored under a bed, or in a closet in another closet in the home.

Some entry ways do not have closets nearby, you may need to install hooks on a wall, or get a coat rack of some kind.  The main point being, find solutions that get the clutter up and organized for function use, yet is visually organized.

Once the clutter portion of an entry way is tackled, look at the areas next to it. Is there a hallway close by? Consider getting a runner rug for the hallway, and a matching smaller run area rug for the front entrance. Having a good quality mat on the outside of the front door is both visually pleasing and functional, in that it will greatly cut down (by nearly 80%) how much dirt gets tracked into your home.

Having beautiful looking baskets of various sizes with lids are also great options, both for  décor, but also functionality purposes.  A person can easily toss in hats, purses, coats, backpacks or whatever into them, and close them up, until they can be put in their proper place.

If space allows, get a small table with a flat back that can fit securely against a wall. Keep fresh flowers, some favorite photos, a bowl of fruit, potpourri, artwork, or perhaps a candle or anything that can add sensory attractiveness to your house.  Try to create a point of interest, a center of attention, coupled with beautiful fragrance.  When guests enter, if a homey scent can be detected immediately, it makes a powerful first impression.

A beautiful wall mirror is a great touch, for both accent and usefulness. It allows a quick, last minute look over, before dashing out, and tends to make the area look bigger than it is.

Don’t overlook the outside of the entry way, or porch area. Use these same principals to freshen up that area, that also invites guests to your home. It’s a great place to decorate any seasonal activities or themes.

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Anything that seems to invite guests in, consider finding a place for, but be mindful of scale in the area and don’t let it get too cluttered with those items. The entry way serves to also beckon a family home after a long day away, reminding one that there truly is, “no place like home”.

See you next time.

Valerie Garner

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Entry Way Room To Your Home

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