Design Your Own Calendar This Year

Design Your Own Calendar

Design Your Own Calendar This Year

Instead of purchasing, ready made calendars this year, why not try to design your own calendar? These can make beautiful, personalized gifts for loved ones as well as being functional around your home or office. These could be a wall calendar, poster calendar, or a desk calendar, totally customizable by you.

A diy calendar can also serve as a welcomed and treasured Christmas or other holiday gift for loved ones.  Enjoyed so much more, than a store-bought one.

Your personalized calendar can also be a very practical tool, reminding everyone in the family, so nobody forgets important family dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates to remember. Sometimes those can be difficult to remember for every person.

Make your own calendar - Design Your Own Calendar

Planning Your Calendar

Organize and come up with your calendar before you are ready to upload your photos for publishing. Do you want to make a theme? Perhaps you desire to make it a gift for a family or friend that is an avid gardener, and you want the whole calendar to be a garden theme.

Here is a list of possible themes to consider:

  • Hawaiian
  • Wild West
  • Roses
  • Garden
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Any Sport
  • Trains
  • Childhood
  • Beaches
  • Vacation taken
  • A certain person
  • Circus
  • Highlights of the past year

Another factor to bear in mind, if you plan to use old, family heirloom photos, you may find this is the perfect time to get a service to do your photo restoration, before uploading to a publisher. Many reasons to do so, first being to get the best possible results, sharing these precious treasures with other family, and having them restored for many more years to come (not simply for the calendar’s sake). The worse they are left to deteriorate and age, the harder and more expensive they become to restore, sometimes with less desirable results.

Compiling Your Calendar

Two calendar publishers that I’ve dealt with are Costco and Shutterfly. Do some comparison for yourself to which service you will go with. Personally, for the quality of photo prints, I lean more towards Shutterfly, but that’s just me. Each online service will basically walk you through the complete setup, giving you options to upload your images, for purchase and publication of your calendar.

Decide which photos you want to have published when you design your own calendar this year. You can opt for 1 image for 1 page, or several images for a collage type effect. If you are doing a theme and need either related background images, images to supplement your own, or simply do not have high quality images for your calendar, here are two resources that you can get these from. They have selection of thousands to choose from, on every topic imaginable, are legally obtained and pricing is very low cost without having to get a subscription, you can get just one or two images. My favorite resources are: Canstock and Dreamstime. Once you have planned which photos you intend to use for your calendar, you are ready to choose a publisher.

A couple of thoughts here. You can have someone’s birthday or anniversary dates, printed on the actual date of the calendar portion if you choose. This is a great feature to help remind everyone of these special dates.

You can also choose to add a favorite family recipe on your calendar if you wanted as well, or you might want to opt to produce your own family heirloom cookbook, as a complete other project.  You might also enjoy my post How to Create a Photo Collage Online.

When you order your own diy calendar, be sure to order enough copies. You’re sure to have others see how beautiful your personalized calendar is, and want their own!  While here, look around at our other great home and family content at this blog, under achieves tab.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

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Design Your Own Calendar

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