Cool Crafts to Make At Home

Cool Crafts to Make At Home

Perhaps you are up for finding new cool crafts to make.  I find I have a general pattern in this regard.  I pick something to master for a couple of years.  While I still enjoy that craft, I find myself wanting to learn another.  This past year I taught myself to knit and am slightly obsessed with it right now.  There is just something so relaxing about it, and keeping my hands busy helps me not overeat. Another topic for another day. Cool Crafts To Make

You might be at that point now.  Wanting to learn a new craft, but not sure which one.  I hope this post will inspire ideas that might ‘click’ for you to explore.

Cool Crafts To MakeThere are many reasons to get involved in doing crafts at home; some do it to exercise their creativity while others enjoy the hobby and earn money for their efforts. The pastime can become a profitable home business for those who excel in their craft. Not only will they be able toCool Crafts To Make pay for their supplies, they will be able to pay some bills.

Other people make cool crafts at home simply for the joy it brings.  Of course, it is also fun to give these handmade items as gifts to friends and loved ones.  I love seeing the expression when I give one of my handmade creations to a loved one.

Start by researching the crafts that are of interest to you. Take an inventory of the supplies and training needed. Be aware that some craft materials will be toxic and should be handled carefully. Store them carefully and learn how to use them properly. Keep the work area clutter-free and properly ventilated in order to ensure safe operation. Keep small craft pieces in containers and label them.

It is not necessary to determine at the beginning whether to make cool crafts at home for a living. It is beneficial to take the time to enjoy and develop the skills needed to create excellent work. When working on crafts at home, stay consistent and gradually build up the quality of the work. It will take time to master each step.

Keep in mind that finding cool crafts to make can be time-consuming and frustrating at the beginning. That is one reason why many people who get started in crafts give up before they develop the skills necessary. Take the time to develop a relationship with the online and offline craft community for help and ideas.

You can also ‘interview’ people who do a craft you would like to learn more from.  Ask them what they enjoy about it and other questions you might have (with their permission).  This is better to do with people who are making crafts as a hobby.

If you go to craft shows, do not ask these questions to the craft vendor.  As one who has been a craft vendor in the past, some questions are just flat out rude to ask.  A big one being where you buy your supplies.  Craft vendors are doing this for a living, and some questions are inappropriate.  It’s like you are asking them to go ahead and equip you to be their competition (for free), after they’ve done all the hard work, put in the costs, trial and error and more.

A better way to approach a craft vendor for their advice, is to ask whether or not they offer classes.  If they don’t, perhaps they would be open to consulting with you about their craft for pay.  Maybe they would consider teaching you in a one on one tutorship, again for pay. Don’t expect a freebie here.  It is insulting to the craft vendor, and the offer to pay honors their hard work and skill.  This could be an incredible thing for both you, and the person who has mastered their skill.

Reading a book on your topic of interest is a great way to start.  Many beginner questions are answered right at this first pass.  It also opens the way to ask more advanced questions later.  There are literally hundreds of craft projects to choose from; here are a few to consider:

Animal Crafts
Bead Jewelry
Candle Making
Clay Figures
Clay Pots
Clay Projects
Cross Stitching
Doll Houses
Doll Making
Dried Floral Arranging
Fabric and Clothing Decoration
Flower Arranging and Floral Art
Glass Making
Stained Glass Projects
Kids’ Crafts 
Knitting and Crochet
Leaf and Flower Crafts
Metal Casting
Metalwork and Wire Projects
Mosaic Tile Crafts
Nature Crafts
Natural Dyeing 
Painting, many types
Paper Craft 
Personal Accessories 
Pipe Cleaner Crafts
Plastic and Adhesive Projects
Rug making, different types
Soap Making
Spinning Yarn
Stained Glass Making projects 

Craft classes to learn can also be found in many local resources and online tutorials as well.  Enjoy the learning process, as that can be some of the most pleasant times.

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Cool Crafts To Make

Go through the list and consider exploring more ideas to see what fits. Hobbies enrich our lives.  Learning new skills keeps us younger.  Make it a point to take notes to explore the most creative ideas that speak to you, for finding cool crafts to make at home.

Until next time,
By Valerie Garner

This book also has a great idea for a craft (these make great gifts too), even if you just want to do it for personal use and not turn it into a business.

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Cool Crafts To Make

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