Cleaning Tips for Crystal Chandeliers

Cleaning Tips for Crystal ChandeliersCleaning Tips for Crystal Chandeliers

Today we’ll uncover some cleaning tips for crystal chandeliers. A crystal chandelier is an elegant and beautiful fixture that plays an important role in interior decoration. An investment in a crystal chandelier for your home can be better served if they are well maintained.  The class and beauty of the crystals will last for years if properly cared for.

Good quality crystal chandeliers have a coating applied that repels dust and dirt.  The person owning these chandeliers should take utmost care while cleaning them.  If we are not confident in cleaning the fixture, an option is to hire a professional to clean it.

While cleaning a crystal chandelier, take precautions to avoid accidents and damage to the fixture, and the person doing the cleaning. It is a good idea to turn off the electricity to that light while cleaning.

How to Clean a Chandelier?

There are many methods for cleaning crystal chandeliers.  Here are a couple of suggestions.

  • The Drip Dry method: There are some good chandelier sprays on the market. Care should be taken not to get the cleaning solution in the light socket.   Simply spray on according to the manufacturer’s directions.   Allow to dry and wipe the light bulbs as well.

cleaning tips for crystal chandeliers

  • The Glove method.  Take a pair of clean, white cotton gloves and a solution of glass or chandelier cleaner. With the fingertips dipped in a bit of solution, carefully wipe each strand of crystal.  You might want to wear a pair of disposable vinyl gloves into the cotton gloves, to protect your skin from the cleaning solution.
  • Complete removal of the crystals.  This method can be messy and time consuming.  Before removing the droplets, take a picture of the chandelier to help in putting them back in the same place after cleaning.  You also may want to do small sections at a time. Each crystal should be cleansed using a bowl of warm water and detergent solution, then rinse in cold water. Pat dry carefully and put crystals back onto the fixture. Utmost care should be taken to avoid water from reaching the sockets and in the lightbulbs.

Whichever method you use when cleaning your crystal chandelier, take your time.  Put on some enjoyable music.  Don’t do this on a day that you have a million other projects you need to tackle.  Perhaps get a good friend to help you. Make it a fun friend time together. If she has a chandelier too, you could return the favor.

By following these cleaning tips for crystal chandeliers, we can enjoy this home accent as light sparkles and shines.

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cleaning tips for crystal chandeliers








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