Care for Your Sweaters Before Putting Away for the Summer

Care for Your Sweaters Before Putting Away for the Summer

You’ll find some tips here to care for your sweaters.  Most of the tips can be done anytime of year, but also specific methods are here to put them away for the summer.  By putting in a little TLC for your sweaters, you’ll assure they look great when you are ready to wear them again.  They will also help extend the life of your sweaters.

Make sure all your sweaters are clean.  Whether you hand wash them and dry on a flat surface, machine wash (for those that can be successfully done this way), or dry cleaned, you don’t want to put away dirty clothing.  I just tried some of the new ‘long lasting scents’ Downey Unstoppables that you put in a washer, and really liked them.  That could be a nice touch for prepping your sweaters for the summer.

If there are any small holes or seams starting to come apart, mend these now.  Cut away any pieces of out of place / unruly thread or yarn hanging loose, carefully.  If there are buttons on the sweater that are loose, re-attach them at this point also.

If you know for certain a sweater is beyond wearing after some TLC….get rid of it.  No sense in storing something you know you’ll never wear.  However, consider doing the TLC work before tossing out, you might just save a sweater you thought you would have to toss.

Recently, I just got this very cool sweater shaver.  I’ve used the cheapos before, some with a bit of success, but I found the process very slow going, and many times the shaver ripped a hole in my garment, thus ruining it.  I was abit apprehensive at spending the money on this, but I’m SO glad I did.  It works quickly, has 3 adjustments to dial in how close to get to a sweater, depending on how bulky or lightweight it is, and I’ve had NO mishaps with getting holes cut into my sweaters.  It effectively and quickly removes fuzz, pilling and a look of a sweater simply being old and worn.  I even used it on some fleece and sweatpants that get this way, and delighted to say they look brand new!

After shaving your sweaters,  use either masking tape or some other type of lint roller and remove any lint, hair, etc from the garment.  By this point, your sweaters should be looking pretty.  Evaluate them now if they need to be tossed or kept.

Store them properly.  If you have the space, carefully folded in a drawer is great, perhaps add a lavender sachet in the drawer.  Not only will this smell nice, it also helps to repel any pests that might want to visit.  If you are short of space, consider using some of the space bags that will allow you to vacuum excess air out, and compresses the sweaters tightly, reducing space, keeping them clean and dry for the summer.  The only disadvantage to these is that you’ll need to fluff them in the dryer with a downy sheet on low next fall to remove a plastic smell and wrinkles.

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As fall approaches with the cooler weather, you’ll be so happy you invested the time into caring for your sweaters now, they will look their best!

Until next time,
Valerie Garner

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Care For Your SweatersCare For Your Sweaters

Care For Your Sweaters

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