Accessorize Your Gifts in a Jar

Accessorize Gifts In A JarAccessorize Your Gifts in a Jar

Presentation is everything!  Below you will find ideas to accessorize gifts in a jar, giving them your own special touch.  This communicates your thought and care you invested in your homemade gifts. Making gifts in a jar is a wonderful, yet inexpensive way to gift for the holidays. Jar gifts are creative, yet inexpensive gifts give family, friends, teachers and other loved ones.

Are you helping a child to make the gift?  If the gift is from a child for a grandparent, parent or teacher, decoupage the child’s photo on the outside of the jar.  Trim the edges of the photo with lace or ribbon.  The child could paint his or her handprint on the opposite side of the jar. 

One common way to accessorize gifts in a jar, is to take some fabric, cut in a circle, square or heart shape; 6 – 8 inches across.  Use pinking shears or other decorative shaped scissors, to edge the fabric.  Lace can be sewn or glued on, to edge the fabric.  Place the inner section of the jar’s lid on the fabric to center it.  Place the outer lid in place.  

Accessorize Gifts In A Jar

Hang Tags

You can also use pre-decorated jars, or standard canning jars.  The most common sizes are the pint and quart sized jars.  Your jar size may be determined by the recipe you use.  Baby jars are great for smaller sized drink mixes or spice type jars. Accessorize Gifts In A Jar

Hang tags can be made either by hand, computer graphics or a label glued to the jar itself. These can be customized to a central theme if desired.  However you choose to do this, they will need have the recipe’s final instructions.  The recipe’s instructions could also be given in a separate envelope.

There are many amazing recipes that can be specifically made for jars.  These include soup mixes, spice mixes, cookie and other baked goods recipes, coffee creamer recipes and so many more.  These can be easy to make ahead of time. It’s nice to have a few last minute gifts you can just grab, whenever you need one.

You can paint the jar before filling it.  Buy paint that is specially designed for glass and follow the specific directions.  To further accessorize gifts in a jar, glue favorite photos, cards, buttons, pearl strings or whatever you like to the jar.

Layer the ingredients for a beautiful effect.  Put at the bottom layers of finest ingredients first. You can use a funnel to help keep things orderly.  If the flour dusts the rest of the jar, let it settle a while. Gently wipe the jar with a paper towel before adding the rest of the layers.  Brown sugar can be packed down to save a bit of space.

Accessorize Gifts In A Jar

Vanilla Beans

You can accessorize your jar gifts by either gluing dried flowers, pinecones, beads, shells or whatever to the top of the jars as well.  Or tie small items with ribbon or raffia to the jars.  Common items that work well are measuring spoons, tiny whisks, cookie cutters, ornaments, cinnamon bark, vanilla beans or any other small whimsical item you may find.   

There are many beautiful ribbons out there with different styles. Beautiful bows can be made and glued to the top of the lid.  Lace can be hot glued around the rim of the jar.

Accessorize Gifts In A Jar


For a holiday themed jar, try a luscious hot cocoa mix or other recipe. Glue wrapping paper around a side of the jar.  You can add some glitter paint for a snow type theme.   For a wild west theme, use a bean soup recipe and wrap your jar in a bandana.  You could tie the bandana around the lid.  Perhaps you can find a cowboy boot or hat graphic to decoupage on the jar itself. Accessorize Gifts In A Jar

Get creative in how you want to present your jar gift.  Fill a gift basket filled with several jar gifts.  Use one with other items, like books or candles to make up a whole gift basket. Accessorize Gifts In A Jar

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What about the tea lover you know?  Fill small baby jars with different flavored teas, cocoas or coffee mixes and put in a basket with a coffee mug, and a muffin or scone.  Paint the jar lids coordinating colors to match the mug.  Add some gourmet tea bags with cinnamon sticks would be a nice touch.  Let your creativity guide your senses as you accessorize gifts in a jar.

By Valerie Garner

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Accessorize Gifts In A JarAccessorize Gifts In A Jar

Accessorize Gifts In A Jar

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