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Hi Everyone,About Me

Welcome to my blog Aspiring Homemaker.  This lifestyle blog is about all things related to home and family, with a bent towards healthy living.

My name is Valerie Garner, and I have 2 grown sons, and 5 darling grandchildren. So, I bring a grandma’s perspective.  One thing that makes my situation unique however, is that for the past 5 years (and currently), I also work as a nanny to a couple of families as my day job. That puts me still in diaper changing, feeding toddler, potty training and ALL that comes with it, mode.  I also experience different parenting trends with the families I work for, different baby paraphernalia (that wasn’t around while I was raising my kids), and of course the experience of caring for several children, each one unique.

Parenting now is different than when I was a young mom.  Yet, some things never change. My perspective is very different now with the passage of time, and seeing how my own children turned out (they are healthy, contributing members of society), than my view was as a young mother.

I remember well, being a mom and the sleep deprivation that so often comes with it.  I remember not feeling valued by society for being a mom.  I remember feeling judged, if not openly, but by strangers looks.  Strangers who had no context of what was happening.  I know how hard it is to raise a family and balance all of life.  It’s a tough, yet vitally important role that each of you do.  Each of you have my respect and admiration.

My hope is that this blog will be a blessing to you.  I have a wide eclectic range of interests and tastes, so this blog will reflect that as well.  Hope you will hang in here with me.

I am an indie author, photographer, I do photo restoration, recently learned how to knit, and watercolor paint, which is something I’ve wanted to learn for years.  I guess all around a creative, artist type soul.

If you want to contact me for something regarding this aspiring homemaker blog, feel free.

Valerie Garner



About Me

About Me