A Guide To Outdoor Pond Maintenance For a Healthy, Vibrant Habitat

A Guide To Outdoor Pond Maintenance For a Healthy, Vibrant Habitat

Outdoor Pond Maintenance

Skimmer net

Proper outdoor pond maintenance improves the appearance and health of the pond itself, the plants around it, as well as any fish that reside in it. The pond exists for a reason, to improve your backyard and give you something peaceful to view. Pond maintenance is not going to be terribly difficult for most people, but is a necessary task. Outdoor Pond Maintenance

Equipment should be the first thing on your mind. You are going to need specialized equipment that is specifically used for outdoor pond maintenance. This includes nets, feeders, removal tools, pruning tools, and more. Skimmer nets are effective at removing problems on the surface of the water. Make sure that the tools you choose are designed to care for the plants and the water.

Try to bring more natural beauty and care into the habitat of your pond. Fish and plants are great ways to keep everything moving in a healthy way. Certain fish and plants are great for your outdoor pond. They help to keep it oxygenated, clean and fresh. You don’t want your pond to turn into a smelling, stagnant mosquito breeding ground, in other words, a glorified large mud puddle.

Some popular choices of fish are: koi, goldfish, Plecostomus, Golden Orfe, and mosquito fish. You should research and learn more about these types.  This will enable you to make the best decision for your environment and climate conditions. This will help you to create a pond that has few, if any, problematic issues. You can also introduce frogs, turtles and ducks to your pond if you so desire.

A few suggestions for pond plants to consider might be: Schoenoplectus lacustris subsp.tabernaemontani ‘Zebrinus’, Carex elata ‘Aurea’, Cyperus involucratus, Iris laevigata ‘Variegata‘, Veronica beccabunga, Anemopsis californica, Iris pseudacorus ‘Berlin Tiger’, Myosotis scorpioides, Nymphaea ‘Pygmaea Helvola‘, and Callitriche verna. Others to investigate would be water lilies, Anacharis, Cabomba, Hornwort, Jungle Val, Dwarf Sagittaria, Moneywort, Duckweed, Parrot’s Feather, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Momo Botan lotus, double rose lotus, flowering rush, dwarf cattail, and red cardinal flower.

Outdoor Pond Maintenance

Pond testing equipment

Do regular testing and cleaning. Outdoor pond maintenance is all about setting it up for success, after all. For testing equipment, you should look into items that test the pH, temperature, oxygen, and more. This will tell you if the pond has the appropriate levels of what it needs, or is actually out of balance. If the latter is the case, there are products available to help balance out the numbers and bring it back to its healthier state. Outdoor Pond Maintenance

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If you go about this properly, you can see exceptional results. Your pond will remain beautiful for years to come. You can expect it to continue providing a sense peace and wonder, because you took the time to care for it. Outdoor pond maintenance is what will keep it attractive and healthy in all areas.

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Outdoor Pond Maintenance

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