A Guide to Extreme Coupon Savings

A Guide to Extreme Coupon Savings

Many people use extreme couponing to save money. Those that are good at this process will save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year as they shop. A how to guide for extreme coupon savings will allow you to become a big saver as well. Check out these 12 tips to be on your way to saving significant money on your groceries, as well as other household items.

12 Tips to Couponing

1) Get the weekly circulars from your grocery store and look to see what is on sale that week. Match the coupons with the sales that come out in your Sunday paper for deeper savings.

2) Use printable coupons available on several coupon sites to use at stores, such as couponbug.com, couponsponge but there are many to choose from, spend some time to research sites that carry coupons of products you regularly use.

In addition, many stores such as Target have their own coupons on their website. One useful site is couponclippers.com. It will actually take you to local circulars that may be offering coupons you can use. It also features coupons from redplum and smartsource and the local P&G inserts that come out in several papers.

Coupon Strategies

3) Shop at stores that offer double and triple coupons. There are probably several of these in your local area. Most stores advertise this on their storefront banner, but in some cases you need to ask if this is their policy. Find out the details on when they offer this and do your shopping on those days and times.

4) Take advantage of store loyalty programs. Some websites such as savingstar.com allow you to enter your store loyalty cards, and get credit for purchasing certain items with coupons that are posted on the site. This is a great advantage because it does not involve taking any physical coupons to the store. You will be paid via paypal or Amazon.com once you have redeemed 5.00 worth of coupons.


5) Use social media sites such as facebook to your advantage, often coupons from various manufacturers can be found. In addition, some companies will have coupons available if you sign up on their website, or express an interest in their products.

6) Find out local store policies on accepting coupons, some stores will limit coupons on buy one get one free items. See if you can use one coupon per each item, also make sure your local store will accept electronic coupons. Most stores will accept these coupons as long as there is a barcode and expiration date showing.

Couponing Tips

7) Certain stores allow price matching…so if you can show them the particular item you are interested in, is cheaper somewhere else, they will match the competitors price on the item in question.

8) Read the fine print on the coupons. Some coupons can not be combined with any other special offers or coupons, but some coupons will allow you to combine coupons on special store prices. This is another area where you may need to check with the store first, to see if two coupons can be combined on the same item.

9) If a specially priced item is out of stock, get a raincheck for the item. Most stores have this policy. It is better to go back to the store than miss out on the item altogether.

10) Get organized, being disorganized is the downfall of many would be extreme couponers. For paper coupons find a coupon organizer that you can use, alphabetical is good for the products your regularly buy. Some individuals also choose to organize their coupons, by expiration date, so that they have the coupons that are about to expire first in their organizer.

Final Tips on Saving Money

11) Host a coupon exchange party, you can often exchange coupons for items that you do not want or need, with coupons for the things you do want and need. Some stores also will have sections in the front where people will leave coupons they do not want or need and will leave coupons for others. This can be a great way to meet new friends as well.

12) Get into refunding like extreme couponers do. Refunding is where the product purchased is sent in with a rebate form and usually a receipt of your purchase and mailed back is either products, deeper coupons, or cash back. A good resource that’s been around for many years is: www.refundcents.com

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Following most of these tips may allow you too to get into extreme coupon savings. Saving hundreds per year couponing, is certainly a possibility. Obviously it takes work to accomplish extreme couponing, but the savings can be powerful.

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Extreme Coupon SavingsExtreme Coupon Savings

Extreme Coupon Savings

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