8 Exotic and Fragrant Perennial Plants to Try in Your Garden

8 Exotic and Fragrant Perennial Plants to Try in Your Garden

Enthusiastic home gardeners are almost always looking for uncommon, exotic and fragrant perennial plants to try in their landscape and gardens. We’ll explore some unusual perennial plants to consider for your garden.

It’s always such a pleasant experience when showing your garden to friends and neighbors, to have them point out certain plants to ask, “what is THAT one?”

Perennials are plants that will return every year. This fact in the end makes them well worth their cost. They have an inclination to get even and more beautiful with each passing season.

The best time of the season to plant perennials is usually autumn.  Early spring being the second best time period. Perennial plants usually can be dug up and split with a shovel, at the roots, to share with friends.  This also helps reduce their size when the plants get too large.

List of Uncommon Fragrant Perennial Plants

Valeriana officinalis - Fragrant Perennial Plants

Valeriana officinalis

Garden Heliotrope – Valeriana officinalis

This is a valerian herbal plant still used by many. It’s has a fragrance that smells better a little further from the nose, rather than super close up. It can have the effect of catnip on cats. It is hardy to zone 3 and favors some shady and more moist conditions.

Fragrant Perennial Plants

Anise Hyssop

Fragrant Perennial PlantsAnise Hyssop – Agastache foeniculum

This can grow quite large so make certain to assign appropriate space for this plant. This can possess a robust aroma of anise, but some people detect a licorice or root beer odor. It’s going to get light blue spikes of blooms and is also quite irresistible to bees as well as butterflies.

Plume Poppy – Macleaya cordata

This type of variety you’ll never speculate as being a poppy! It is a hardy plant to zone 3 and will get large, growing 6-8 ft tall so ensure you supply it with more than enough room to grow. It will enjoy moist garden soil and full sun. Its flowers tend to be hundreds of many small peach tinted flowers, very attractive and great smelling.

Fragrant Perennial Plants

Yellow Lotus – Water Chinkapin – Nelumbo lutea

Fragrant Perennial PlantsYellow Lotus – Water Chinkapin – Nelumbo lutea

The flowers with this perennial plant are most uncommon! It almost doesn’t even appear to be a floral and incredibly hard to explain. However they are 10 inches across and smell almost like type of magnolias.

It’s a water plant therefore ought to be grown close to a pond or even creek and can thrive in as much as 2 feet of water. One more name for this plant is Water Chinkapin and the seeds are edible and taste much like a chestnut. It’s very hardy and can grow even as far north as Canada.

Fragrant Perennial Plants

Butomus umbellatus

Fragrant Perennial PlantsFlowering Hurry – Butomus umbellatus

This perennial develops to three or four ft and favors very moist garden soil. It’s got blossoms which are a lighter pink hue with red-colored stamens. It offers a scent similar almonds and it is hardy to zone 4. This plant is ideal directly sowed from seed.

Tube Clematis – Clematis heracleifolia

This variety of clematis is not a climber like most are. It is hardy to zone 4, and develops three or four ft tall with small, compact aromatic azure blossoms throwing off a very clean smell.Fragrant Perennial Plants

Sand Verbena – Abronia fragrans

Though difficult to find, it is an excellent specimen for the evening fragrant garden. If sown early spring, it may bloom the first year, but likely to take 2 years to bloom, it is hardy to zone 5. Likes a sunny location in well drained soil. This is a creeping plant and will grow 2 feet in width and exudes a vanilla scent from white colored flowers.

Feather Sage – Salvia juriscii

This is a small sage plant with foliage so fine they have a feathery appearance. This one is great for a rock garden as it is compact, and displays spikes of purple / blue toned flowers. Hardy to zone 5.

Several of these plants you may have a difficult time acquiring in plant centers or nurseries.  You may have to search for a retailer that offers the seeds, and start them on your own.

Do you know of other unusual highly fragrant perennials?  I’d love to hear about them in the comment section.

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Fragrant Perennial Plants

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