7 Breathtaking Ways to Create Sensory Style For Your Home

 7 Breathtaking Ways to Create Sensory Style For Your Home

Using techniques to add sensory style to your home is a creative endeavor. It brings a sense of comfort and relaxation for our senses. There are many approaches to accomplish this.  We’ll be checking out seven specific ways.

Our living space is the place that should be our ‘happy place’.  A place where we can be recharged and renewed from the busy challenges of life.  Purposely creating ways to incorporate sensory style helps add to this end.

1. Powder puff. Obtain some of your favorite perfumed powder, or even baby powder if that’s your decision. Get some of those magnificent powder puffs, and take a long bubble bath. After the bath, indulge yourself with one of these perfumed powders using the gentle powder puff. The scent stays with you a long time, and is one of those small ways to feel truly pampered.

By getting a plain powder puff kit, you can customize the specific scented powder you want to use.  This also includes getting an unscented base powder and adding your own essential oils to it.

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2. Simmer  beautiful aroma on a stove.  Take a saucepan and add apple cider, cinnamon sticks, cloves & some orange (and/or lemon) peel. Allow this to cook on low, adding small quantities of water as needed, so it won’t dry out. This method is definitely a homey, soothing fragrance which is so simple to do.  This is similar to making homemade mulled cider, which of course you could do too. Make extra so you can sip on a cup too. Perfect for fall and winter days or nights.

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3. Try scenting a focal point or centerpiece on a table or counter top. Bake a bundt cake then take a small vase and load it with fragrant flowers. Set this vase with flowers, in the center of the bundt cake. Experiment with various fragrance mixtures. Lemon (make a lemon bundt cake) is gorgeous with honeysuckle flowers. Chocolate combines well with roses.  Below is my favorite cake cookbook with some amazing bundt cake recipes.

Distinctive Cake Recipes Blue Ribbon Winning Cookbook - Sensory Style

4. Scent some seashells for your bathroom. If they are tiny shells, saturate them for a couple minutes in olive oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. For bigger shells, add a small amount of essential oil directly into the center of the shell. Arrange the shells on a decorative tray or container.  You could also add beach glass or other items you find appealing.

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5. Scent your pillows. Gently spray a light mist of your favorite linen spray. Be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot to ensure that it won’t damage the color of the fabric.   Another way to add fragrance to a pillow is to put a small amount of potpourri in a tiny sachet bag.  Either pin it to the side of the pillow, or place it into the pillow case itself.

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6. Scent your linen closet or drawer by tucking dried sprigs of fresh or dried lavender in baspiring-homemaker-11 - Sensory Styleetween the layers of bath towels and bedding.  Place them in a sachet bag, so they don’t crumble on your linens.  Another alternative is to put them near the sides of the linens on the shelves. Lavender not only supplies a soothing, relaxing aroma to those bed linens, but also work as a natural moth (and other insects) repellent.  Cedar chips also does the same thing yet offers a different fragrance.

7. Carpet Freshener – Its’ easy to make your own.  Take a  pound of pure baking soda and add just a few drops of essential oil. Mix it up in the blender. Pour this on to a low shallow pan, and allow to dry for several hours, gently stirring occasionally. When this has dried, store in an airtight container.

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This carpet freshener may be sprinkled on your carpets and rugs directly.  Leave on for a couple few minutes, then vacuum up. Try putting some in your vacuum bag too.






If you own pets, your nose may be desensitized to possible odors.  To get a clean smelling home, check out our post How To Clean Animal Smells in Carpets.

Beautiful fragrances are so calming in our stressed filled, day-to-day lives. Discovering methods to include distinct fragrances, textures, sights & sounds can truly add beauty to our living space.

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To add sensory style to your home, you need to be intentional about it. Sometimes these simple steps help us to refocus and breathe.  Life is short, enjoy it.

Until next time,

Valerie Garner

Try your hand at making your own candles.  I recommend this book and the author’s list of suppliers help greatly.  By making your own, you can design your own custom scents.  They also make awesome gifts you can give to friends and family, besides making your own stash.
How to Make a Great Jar Soy Candle - Sensory Style

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