2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List

2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List

The holidays are fast approaching, and with this comes Christmas gift shopping. Buying gifts for children that they will love can be a challenge at times. After all, who wants a toy that is just going to end at the bottom of a toy chest, unused? What is the 2016 top toy parent choice list about?

Parents choice lists are strong to consider recommendations for toys.   Parents are the ones who see first hand, which toys are used, as opposed to those that are not. The best value in toy buying, are the ones that are treasured and played with, again and again. Parents know which ones these are. They see which toys challenge and entertain their children.

This Christmas toy list represents many age ranges and interests that children have.  It is also very useful when shopping for children’s birthday gifts or other special occasions as well.

Here is the 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List:

2016-top-toy-parent-choice-list - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List






Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set

For the children who love trains, this is a remote control train set, with literally all the bells and whistles.   Will provide hours of fun.

top-toy-parent-choice - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List






3Doodler Create 3D Pen – The Latest Edition of the World’s First 3D Printing Pen

For your budding artist, this will take their art to new heights.  As a person draws, heated plastic is expelled, which hardens instantly.  This allows the drawing of 3D creations.

parents-choice - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List








Osmo Coding Set 

This is a phenomenal current popular toy this year.  It helps teach coding, increases problem solving and logic skills.  Who knows, perhaps this will be a future career.

popular-toy-this-year - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List







Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

This is a challenge for car lovers.  Real, robotic supercars can be used on 8 different battlefields.

parents-choice-toy-list - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List








Build & Play Star Wars Episode 7 Millennium Falcon

Fun, snap together model, that lights up, makes sound and is great fun to play with.

top-toy-list - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice ListShapes and Colors for Children: Including Hexagon Pentagon and O - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List








Tomy Hide N Squeak Eggs Learning Toy

I have personally bought this one for a child in my life, and it is WAY better in real life than the photo depicts.  It has shapes on the bottom for teaching as well.  The child instantly loved it and has played many hours with it.  The book next to it, helps to reinforce the learning of shapes and colors in a different medium.

2016-holiday-toy-list - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List








Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Jungle Crew Lab Set

Awesome intro for preschoolers into the world of science, animals and experiments.

2016-top-toy-parent-choice-list-1 - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List








Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game – The Family Game of Infinite Storytelling

Super popular, award winning game.  Non-competitive for adults and children to play together.  Encourages bonding, communication, imagination and plain old fun.

2016-popular-toy-list - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List






Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Minecraft is wildly popular these days.  This kit allows kids to make their own movies, giving another expression to their creative abilities.

popular-toys-now - 2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List






Matchbox Elite Rescue Squid Marine Boat

Kids will find hours of play with this popular toy now.  Goes on both land and water.  The helicopter really squirts, so does the giant squid.  I hope this toy list gives you some ideas for you gift giving needs.

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Until next time,

Valerie Garner

2016 Top Toy Parent Choice List

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