10 Affordable and Easy DIY Decor Hacks

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks10 Affordable and Easy DIY Decor Hacks

Hope you enjoy this guest post today by Sara Washington.

There is no need to be an interior designer or to spend a fortune turning your home into an interior haven. There are plenty of DIY decor hacks out there that are simple, inexpensive and a lot of fun to create.

A home that is visually stimulating and set up with care can drastically improve the mood of you and your family. You can create a living space that is unique and beautiful with only a marginal amount of effort and money.

Let your creative side flourish with this list of 10 affordable and easy DIY Decor Hacks

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

1. Coffee scented candles

By placing vanilla tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans, you can make your home look and smell amazing. Simply scatter these self-made candles in and around your living space as decorative pieces that will also enhance the scent of your home. The warmth of the candles, infused with the coffee beans, will give off a vanilla coffee smell. It’s a really great way to make your home feel warm and cozy without having to splurge.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

2. Make your own lanterns using picture frames

Glass lanterns are a great way to decorate your living space but can become quite expensive. Why not make your own by using picture frames. You can use any cheap frames for this project and spray paint them whatever color you like. You can then glue them together to make your own lanterns.  Your lanterns can be filled with anything from candles to plants or seasonal items such as flowers during spring or mini pumpkins for a Halloween party.

3. Old door converted into a gorgeous photo frame

If you’ve finally decided to ditch that old door (the type with glass in the individual sections), you could use it to create a stylish photo frame and even a coat rack. This is the perfect piece to set up on a big blank wall or in the entrance area of your home, to display your favorite family photos. You could also paint the door to match your room colors and other furniture.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

4. Mason jar pantry organizers

There are many ways you can make use of old jars that you may have lying around. A favorite is to use them as pantry organizers to store all sorts of dry ingredients. Rather than having bags of half used flour, sugar or rice scattered around your pantry you can keep these ingredients stored in the jars and labeled accordingly. It’s great for keeping your kitchen organized and looking tidy.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

5. Color block coiled rope basket

With just some cotton rope and embroidery floss or fine cord you can make your very own practical and beautiful storage basket. The thickness and length of the rope will depend on how big you want your basket to be. The baskets not only look great but can also be used to store anything from pens to plants, as a decorative piece or could even be used as a fruit basket.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

6. Lace lamps

This one might sound complicated but is actually really easy and can do wonders to brighten up your living space. With just a balloon, some glue and crocheted or small lace tablecloths you can make a really authentic lamp shade, perfect for the bedroom or an outdoors terrace area. Basically, you inflate the balloon, paint the cloths with wallpaper glue and apply them to the balloon. The cloths should overlap to stick together and connect. Once the glue is dry, you can pop the balloon and attach a cord and lamp fitting.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

7. Bottle cap tray

This is such a clever way to make use of any unused bottle caps that you might have lying around. The idea here is to glue the bottle caps onto the tray, to cover the whole top. Depending on how big the tray is, you can calculate how many caps you would need. This a fun and interesting way to recycle and add a little color to your kitchen.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

8. Wine crate coffee table

Drink lots of wine or know someone who does? You can use the empty crates to make your very own wooden coffee table! If you don’t have any wine crates lying around, you should be able to find wooden crates at your local craft store.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

9. DIY Photo frame

A fantastic way to brighten up your walls. Get one of your favorite photos digitally enlarged and then add strips of wood across the top and the bottom to create a quick frame. You can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your living space just by adding a picture frame.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

10. Sunburst Mirror

This is a fun and creative way to turn a mirror into a piece of art. Sunburst mirrors are cheap and easy to make and can be created using just about anything. You could use paint brushes, wood dowels, wood skewers, childrens pick up sticks or a variety of other items that you might have lying around your home.

By Sarah Washington is a gal who blogs about DIY and decor a Rubble Designs and Above Board. She hopes to inspire more people to do more for themselves and take ownership of their personal living spaces.

10 Affordable And Easy DIY Decor Hacks

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